Abundant Vs. Legendary Start?

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User Info: praetorianguard

5 years ago#1
I play these two settings, and for a while now I've been on Legendary Start. For overall resources in game, which is better? I want a world with lots of strategic resources.

I'd like to know a clear difference between these settings.

User Info: bd43

5 years ago#2
When available:

Abundant means more resources, but you'll likely be sitting on one or two at most.

Legendary generally avoids proper spread for resources and gives you basically one resource requiring each type of upgrade.
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User Info: Gegend

5 years ago#3
I prefer sparse.
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User Info: MadPinoRage

5 years ago#4
I like playing on Abundant. More resources means more units and other bonuses
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User Info: kelemvor

5 years ago#5
I thought legendary start just gave you extra bonus tiles for your starting point (food, mostly), with everything else standard.
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  3. Abundant Vs. Legendary Start?

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