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User Info: TinFoilGuy

4 years ago#1
Military Civ-
Cultural Civ-
Diplomatic Civ-
Science Civ-
Faith Civ-
All around best-

User Info: bretonftw

4 years ago#2
Military Civ- China
Cultural Civ- Unsure.. pure culture maybe Siam on large maps?
Diplomatic Civ- Arabia
Science Civ- Babylon
Faith Civ- Ethiopia
All around best- China

in my opinion anyway.
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User Info: FobManX

4 years ago#3
Babylon is incredible in Science. Just finished a playthru as them and it's downright OP with how many Great Scientists you get. Loved my Infantry going up against my enemy's Crossbowmen. :)
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User Info: Usurpationblitz

4 years ago#4
From: FobManX | #003
Babylon is incredible in Science. Just finished a playthru as them and it's downright OP with how many Great Scientists you get. Loved my Infantry going up against my enemy's Crossbowmen. :)

Yeah, I think Babylon is one of the best Civs in the game, maybe even the best.
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User Info: shuist123

4 years ago#5
Emperor or below / standard

Military Civ- Japan, China, Germany, Persia, and other science focus civ

Cultural Civ- Egypt - just hoard these wonders for a fast and easy game, 1 city

Diplomatic Civ- Siam / Greece / Sweden

Science Civ- Babylon / Korea

Faith Civ- Celts

All around best- China / Babylon / Persia
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User Info: HMandACFan

4 years ago#7
Yeah, in a lot of ways they overlap. Since Babylon is the best for science, they're also really good in military, the best in culture, honestly, better than Egypt because YOU pass THEM in techs on harder difficulties rather than vice versa. It doesn't help to build wonders 20% faster if they are built 10 turns after you even get the tech. Babylon is also good in faith, if you want them to be, because, again, wonders. But Celts are probably the best. Other good for military are Greece and Mongols, and for diplomatic, Greece, Arabia, and Siam. Overall best definitely Babylon but Greece would be 2nd in my book. A lot of people think China is great, so here's a shout out to them.
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User Info: MasterReg

4 years ago#8
In my opinion:

Military: Denmark, in my opinion. Greece seems good too.
Culture: Dunno. Maybe Egypt, Mayans, or Aztecs.
Diplomatic: Siam or Greece.
Science: Babylon or Korea.
Faith: Celts for sure.
All-around Best: I might say Greece, based on my list. Their units are good, and their ability is crazy. It saves money that you would normally funnel to city states, allowing you to ally with more city-states or save it and buy infrastructure and troops. Not to mention the obvious bonus to diplomacy itself.
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User Info: shuist123

4 years ago#9
Greece got nerf pretty bad since there are a lot of coup after the spy showing up in the latter era.

User Info: FatalAccident

4 years ago#10
Military: Germany - the best way to win conquest is to start early and their barbarian joining you bonus is so powerful, coupled with the 25 gold you get from camps and the lower unit maintenance you can overrun the entire map in no time.

Cultural Civ- Songhai - the mud pyramid mosques work really well particularly if you've got a sprawling empire and you can get appropriate culture bonuses to the mud pyramid mosques from your religion

All around best- America IMO, dunno why, just is.

Don't know about the rest.
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