How to unlock all the item ?

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User Info: Maxluf

9 years ago#1
I have Nobunaga at lv Max but still few item hasn't open yet ( kinda a lot though ) , I only get 90/150 including missing a lot Personal Item ( this one was because I use item change chest into gold ) .

so my questin are , how to unlock all the item? to keep playing until I get it all ? or may be there are some requirement to unlock it?


User Info: luckytintinnz

9 years ago#2
If you mean how to unlock more items in the shop, then you have to get more titles, if I'm not mistaken. Look in the FAQs section for it. As for unlocking personal items in the shop. Complete Oichi, Nagamasa and Kojuro's story mode.
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User Info: Maxluf

9 years ago#3
Hmmm.... not sure about it,

I still missing 2 item in the shop ( One is for Character Personal Item & another is shape like old shaving knife ( used in barber shop?) ) , the one is not complete are the item inside equipment ( which can be equip for the stage ).

if we can get the item from TITLE , then how can I get the last 2 item each row?

the title I saw in the guide are

1 - 1 , 1 - 2 , 1 - 3 , ? ? ---> where is the fourth and the fifth?
2 - 1 , 2 - 2 , 2 - 3 , ? ?
3 - 1 , 3 - 2 , 3 -3 , ? ?

and so on

and by the way 1 -3 is not possible for me to complete 10.000 combo? but still I have the item without getting the tittle


User Info: DDT213

9 years ago#4
You get a certain item straight up for every 100 title points acquired up to 500. I don't have the game now so I can't tell you what they are. More items are unlocked in the shop as you play along. The rest are either PIs or random pick-ups.

Btw, the item listing is not corresponding to the title listing in any way, if that's what you were getting at.
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User Info: draewon

9 years ago#5
dont get mixed up between TITLE and ITEMS,TITLE are "gallery" like fan with points that is viewable on the extras menu,ITEM is the one you can equip and use,title is sorted 3 columns each(1-1~1-3) while item have 5 columns(1-1~1-5),they are NOT the same thing,there are several items that you can unlock by using the title points but those are less than 10,as for the other items you have to FIND them on chests,or BUY them on store...........

read the FAQ carefuly before posting and you'll know that both are not connected to each other(except for the item mania title)
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