Favorite classes?

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User Info: Dordledum

6 years ago#1

I was just wondering what your guys favorite classes are?. To each his own of course, but I was thinking if there were classes nobody liked. My top 6 is probably:

1. Seraphim (I prefer melee/magic builds over BFG though)

2. Dryad (haven't trieda proper run yet, butwas a lot of fun for the short bouts I played)

3. Shadow Warrior (again prefer melee builds over summoners)

4. High Elf (like their look, but tend to end up with a quite boring pyromancer each run)

5. Inquisitor (I'm not big on dualwielding characters, and that seems the obvious build)

6. Temple Guardian (the techarm spoils it for me, not being able to use twohanded weapons or shields)

User Info: darkfire9430

6 years ago#2
High Elf and Inquisitor. I like casters. :)

User Info: OgesMC

6 years ago#3
Dryad & Temple Guardian

The only two handed weapons worth using are blowguns and shields are for the weak...
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User Info: ignasia7

6 years ago#4
1)Temple Guardian (So much versatility = love, even weak and poorly made TG's are just fun for me to play, and they're the only class I haven't had any need for +All Skills to really kick round bottom).

2)High Elf (Probably my favourite Bargaining race/class, massive damage, massive damage over time, a lot more fun when lacking focus on one particular tree) - I'm making an exception to Oges point...shields are needed here unless you are an ice or fire build (ice seems to have the better defensive buff).

3)Inquisitor (I don't care if I make this a caster or not, Inquisitors are just fun with some really unique and brutally efficient buffs).

I haven't made anything else. I've pretty much made like 30 TG's, 4 Elves, and 2 Inqs.
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User Info: OgesMC

6 years ago#5
Oh, the point was a fake point. Shields are fine but I just wanted to tip the scales in the DR/TG favor by deeming shields and 2 handed melee weapons useless.

Still April Fools for 10 more hours EST time...

Anyways, just saw my update accepted so I'm going to take the dog out for a walk. My Wife is off work in 2 hours, and thats no April Fool, I need to clean this place up. Been writing all night haha.
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User Info: ignasia7

6 years ago#6
LOL, it is April 1st, isn't it. Time sure flies sometimes. Err, ya, who needs shields. Why yesterday my TG age a shield with 9000 defense split amongst every property for breakfast, felt it was too weak and pathetic compared to his uber awesome Shroud.
www.backloggery.com/sleeper_hits - Where the good games are remembered.
Nothing is ever easy.

User Info: darkfire9430

6 years ago#7
My inquisitors agree on the shields. :)

My elves use shields primarily because they can't dual-wield. The extra damage on a 2H weapon means nothing if you're a caster, and I'd rather have the extra slots and armor that comes with that extra piece of equipment.

I like seraphim and dryads as well, just not as much as high elves and inquisitors. As much as I try, I cannot get into SWs and TGs. I always get bored by the middle of Gold, if not sooner.

User Info: Ekatoc

6 years ago#8
Shadow warrior- sword and SHIELD! Also I dabble in a three tree build, both of which have been known to rock two-handers.

Duel wield sera- first class I ever took over 100, sentimental reasons, or maybe it's just because she looks great in a thong...

Dryad- caster 4tw! (and no I don't just vd everything, tangled vines/totem owns)

User Info: TheEmpty1

6 years ago#9
I love them all, but recently I would have to say it is my Temple Guardian at about level 80 he became virtually invincible. It was worth all of the hard work.

User Info: CatfishWiggins

6 years ago#10
The spell targeting and projectile pathing still don't feel natural to me, despite my attemts to come to terms with them. When I try to glacial thorns or edaphic lances a guy in melee range, and my girl turns left and throws them off screen, it makes me miss melee. When I try to shoot a guy in melee range, and then my girl runs off a ways and shoots a bad guy I didn't even know about, it makes me miss melee. Or when I try to shoot a bat. I also highly value in combat life regen. So in order:

1. Temple Guardian: Has shady attacking combat arts, but Combat Alert gives a huge bonus to damage and attack rating. His battle extension passive combined with Combat Alert make his normal attacks easily hit as hard as other classes' attack combat arts. Also has the highest in battle life regen.

2. Dryad: Despite the shady ranged targeting, after modifying ravaging for extra shots and getting some -regen time rings, her blow gun is all like *makes machine gun noises.* Her sinister predator also increases her hit rating, and make it so that her shots can't be evaded or reflected. So a super accurate *machine gun noises.* As a bonus, Ancient Bark makes her invincible.

3. Shadow Warrior: My first love. Grim and Reflective make him almost as invincible as the Dryad, and demonic blow with a two hander will have your screen shaking constantly. Hafted weapons and the mod for demonic will reduce your opponents armor, letting you hit most targets for almost full damage. Have to rely on "temporary buffs" for attack rating, or settle for only hitting half the time with demonic. Attack rating issues is why he fell out of grace.

4. High Elf: Blazing Tempest, Frost Flare, and (the lightning one) are fast and accurate. Her other harder hitting spells were too awkward for me. I didn't really like playing a caster, so I also made a melee one. In melee, she does well, but hits for less damage than the Shadow Warrior and has the same hit rating issues. Despite having higher regen and a similar reflective buff, also felt like she was less sturdy than the Shadow Warrior. I will eventually revisit the melee build but instead use ice armor to see if she becomes more sturdy. I will also attempt the caster build again. (Feels like I haven't really gave her a fair chance.)

5. Seraphim: Battle stance provides similar bonuses to Combat Alert, and she has a healing spell and a bubble that either one will make her temporarily invincible, though I despise short term temporary buffs. With battle stance, bfg, and pelting strikes, she can replicate the Dryad's *unenthusiastic machine gun noise* and each shot will hit for over 10 times as much. No in combat regen left me relying on potions to stay up, and I was helpless against bats that attacked me. It is a great character to have your girlfriend play, especially with that aura mod on battle stance.

6. Inquisitor: A melee class based on not having very good defense? With soul reaver and the berserk buff, he was able to kill enemies fast enough for soul reaver's 10% life per kill healing to keep him up, but against bosses it was like "drinks 100 potions." He is my least played character because I do not like him, but perhaps I do not like him because I have not played him enough. When I tried him, I experimented with his spells, and liked none of them. I tried the buff combination I thought would suit me, and was let down.

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