help pls.. im stuck (jail of tartarus)

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  3. help pls.. im stuck (jail of tartarus)

User Info: ghuk

9 years ago#1
i need help.. im stuck in the part where there are 2 stalagmites(paltform like) but they are far from each other.. its impossible to jump.. even doing double jump... i red that there are 4 levers here.. but the problem is i only turned 3 levers.. one is not appearing.. what should i do to switch the last lever? tnx

User Info: DarkZaberS

9 years ago#2
U need to kill all enemies in the area. one side has u fighting two medusa like things whereas the other has u fighting a troll or two + many more undead. once u kill all of them, the levers will b released.
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User Info: libatako

9 years ago#3
yes, kill all the enemies...and then puzzle...thats how it will work all the way to the end,
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User Info: PandaCat

9 years ago#4
Hmm i had killed all enemies but still the left crank (at the cliff wall you have to climb up) didnt appear?

User Info: TrevorHack

9 years ago#5
For those you stuck in (jail of tartarus) ... here's the secret on how to pass this level

use evade L + R with [ ] square button and X button you will notice that the shield will light up and instead of evade is jumping not to high but jumping twice without touching the ground...

press L + R and [ ] 2x and press X to jump .. the secret is timing ...
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  3. help pls.. im stuck (jail of tartarus)

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