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User Info: Broken_Account

6 years ago#1
Do not buy this game. Seriously. (Or, buy this game for the first few levels, then chuck it.)

I was having fun in the first few worlds. Brilliantly devised puzzles set in environments ranging from a laid back tropical paradise to a chilly ice world. Then the insta-deaths started.

And they only got worse. You'd be on your way to solving the puzzle, then *boom!* - the floor gave way. Sorry, restart. Oh, you want to click on that key? Guess what, there's a killer fish behind it. Dead. Restart,

And perhaps more criminal in a point-and-click, there are rooms that become impossible to solve if you forgot a key part of the puzzle earlier. Saw away a wooden support and let a ball roll down the hill? That's fine. Nothing's stopping you. Continue on your way. Oh, by the way, that was 15 minutes ago, but you totally need that ball to solve the puzzle. Oops. Restart.

It starts as bearing all the makings of a great point-and-click game, but ends up nothing more than trial and error. I guess I should have been smart enough to know not to turn my umbrella upside down too early, as a poisonous rain cloud erupting from a magical russian doll would kill me. Guess I should've predicted that first time.
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