Trish and lady are so hot.

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User Info: dragon_master11

9 years ago#1
I wish I could Bang them rite now!!!

User Info: animamundus

9 years ago#2

"You open your mouth again I swear i`m gonna break it" -KoRn.

User Info: SOS_Haruhi

9 years ago#3
Lady > Trish, tbfh.

User Info: Shadowruler

9 years ago#4
Trish has a manface. Lady is where it's at.
"Those who crave the dark, cannot control it."
-Sydney Losstarot, Vagrant Story (PSX)

User Info: Solaris_Paradox

9 years ago#5
Please tell us something we couldn't already see for ourselves. :P

Though personally, I prefer Kyrie. I've stated this elsewhere, though, so I won't go into the reasons now.

Trish doesn't have a "manface." She does, however, have the kind of sharp face you'd expect to find on a vampiress or some such.

User Info: MrPinkOfCanada

9 years ago#6
I like the jiggly.

User Info: NutsackJack

9 years ago#7
completely concure
360 gave me a rash

User Info: Phoenix_Down718

9 years ago#8
Trish has pretty nice pixels

Lady had some work done on her since DMC3 I guess (guess she had a cameo on Nip/Tuck)

When I saw Kyrie in the Prologue video, there was just something about her face that seemed a little off. I'm going to go with her mouth. It seems to be off proportion with the rest of her face.

I'm pretty sure Gloria doesn't have any underwear on. They give you enough crotch shots that you would see a glimpse of them if she did, but it's just skin under there.

User Info: srlkllr

9 years ago#9
Lady FTW. I have a thing for heterochromia.
GT: MetatronTorment FC: 7339 8112 5900 1783
Smokin' Sick Style!!!


9 years ago#10
Trish looks I cant see because its on crappy youtube but if thats what she looks like, then damn she looked hotter in DMC1 than she does now and her voice actor doesnt sound like a prostitute in the first game either.

She sounds like a prostitute, the voice doesnt go well with her at all now like it used to in the first game. I know its a different VA but the damn voice doesnt go with Trish at all in DMC1 and Capcoms totally changed her personality and everything.
"DESTRUCTION, DESTRUCTION TO END ALL!"-Zone Of The Enders 2 Anubis and that game was TEH BOMB!
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  3. Trish and lady are so hot.

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