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User Info: DefenderX2480

7 years ago#1
I've been stressing over which I should get.
I want to use Royal Guard, but I suck at timing...so not that.
Guns don't seem too useful, although the Shotgun can knock enemies down, but that might be because I don't have Pandora yet.
So...Sword Master or Trickster I guess. Except I've heard about a Dark Slayer Style?
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User Info: DefenderX2480

7 years ago#2
Er. Sorry for the double post, but by "Get" I mean get level 4 on.
-Blood curdling screams are heard-
HUNK:...This is war. Survival is your own responsibility.

User Info: volleyballnatio

7 years ago#3
By the time you switch from nero to dante this first playthrough, you should be able to get at least 2 styles to lvl3, maybe even one to lvl 4. you dont have to focus on just one. trickster and swordmaster and solid especially for a newer player. dark slayer doesnt have any levels, so no need to worry about saving for that.

User Info: danstu

7 years ago#4
Dark Slayer is unlocked in Dante's last level.

I agree with the above poster, swordmaster and trickster are really the best bet styles for a new player. Royal Guard is probably the hardest to learn to use well, so I would hold off on that. Gunslinger has a couple of useful moves, especially once you get Pandora, but I'd hold off on that until you're set with Swordmaster/Trickster.
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User Info: FearOfTheLight

7 years ago#5
Actually, if you spend enough time on every style you will definitely start to notice their pros and cons.
If you're looking for complete offense......use swordmaster to chop up enemies and bite away at bosses......it also helps mixing regular melee attacks with the swordmaster specials to break combat adjugators.

With projectiles........master the gunslinger style. Even though mose people might not like it I simply enjoy rainstorm and honeycome fire using E&I along with coyote-a's gun stinger to blast away at chimera seeds.

Royalguard offers you strategic gameplay because the royal block and royal release are the top notch moves to display when desperate in getting rid of the enemy. They aren't hard just time the button tap according to the enemies sway of attack.......practice on memphistos and scarecrows. Obviously you should fill up the Royalgauge to engage the dreadnaught during difficult situations you can do this without the gauge filled but it'll last for about 6-7 seconds only.

Trickster will have you running around and popping out of thin air in front of your enemies......you can literally play with them all day long. I myself prefer to switch to this style to get to places that are hard to reach and when platforming.

As for 'DarkSlayer' try to mix it up with other styles.......it will dish out serious damage example: send an enemy (preferably a scarecrow) into the air with high time (yourself up too) switch to swordmaster and perform rebellions ariel rave and then switch to darkslayer and perform the twin slashes with the yamato........mabe end with a helm splitter.
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User Info: AXELVengeance

7 years ago#6
Personally, my favorite style is Swordmaster. It has been since DMC3. However, I do tend to mix it up with Gunslinger from time to time for some DEVASTATING combos.
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User Info: IAmNotThePope

7 years ago#7
I maxed out Swordmaster, Trickster, Gunslinger, and Royal Guard in that order.

I found Gunslinger with the shotgun very useful against the Fausts and whatever the other one like them is called (been a month or two since I've played, so I forget the names). Jumping toward them and doing the nunchaku-move thing will sometimes drop the weaker ones straight to the ground.

Overall though, Swordmaster is definitely a great one to max out first.
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