Playing DMC4 on keyboard

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User Info: Lina7Inverse

8 years ago#1
I've just got DMC4 and I don't have a game pad. I wonder if there's an option somewhere to see keyboard configuration and maybe change it? I don't see anything like that in the game and I don't want to spend 2 hours to figure out the config that the game makers/whoever else made.

User Info: chuyangele

8 years ago#2

just goto options and you can change keyboard settings

User Info: dozzpot

8 years ago#3

Is it easy to get into without a console gamepad?

I only have a keyboard too (though I do have a programmable 9 button Saitek command pad attached to it).

User Info: SCHUMIinSA

8 years ago#4
I would say it does make things harder...but it should be ok...
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User Info: Goldsickle

8 years ago#5
Gamepad with analog sticks highly recommended.
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User Info: jokmudz

8 years ago#6
I beat Dante Must Die difficulty and 100 level of Bloody Palace using KEYBOARDS. 2M Red orbs 500K Proud orbs. One thing you can't do with keyboards is WALKING, because you will always RUNNING (without lock). The rest is possible if you know how. And I seriously can't play it using sticks LOL :D

User Info: Anomylous

8 years ago#7
Somehow I managed to get through human and devil hunter modes with an old keyboard control scheme, but on SoS and LDK modes my hand (pinky actually) gets tired from holding left shift (lock on).

Essentially, has anyone a good keyboard layout? Or at least suggestions for lock-on and jump? I think I had used the default layout for awhile, but it was not very good for ex-act or something.
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User Info: jokmudz

8 years ago#8
I don't get tired using my keyboard layout to beat DMD and BP. In fact I enjoy it. Try it: [NERO]

Movement:= W,S,A,D Lock = SPACE Devil Trigger = F
Exceed = E
Camera Reset = Alt (left)
Camera Left = Z
Camera Right = C
Shoot = J
Melee = I
Jump = K
Buster = L
Taunt = U
Change target = O

Change Sword = E
Change Gun = Q
Special = L
--The rest is the same with nero--

Tips: don''t lock all the time especially when there are many enemies around you and you need crowd control. Locking concentrates your attack to one target and lessens your crowd control. Use it only when you need specific moves that involves direction, such as Gilgamesh Real Impact (special + backward), Lucifer Pin Up (special + forward), etc.

User Info: jokmudz

8 years ago#9
This layout is great with ex-act and gun charge. I do charge all the time, since I still can jump, melee attack, buster, DT, and taunt without releasing my charge :D

User Info: Anomylous

8 years ago#10
Thanks very much.

Considering, my setup is similar (without the camera controls nearby, however), except exceed is F and devil trig is left shift. Your taunt key is in a much more useful position as well, so I'll probably use that from now on.

One tiny thing....can you style switch dante like in those pro vids (noticed you didn't put style keys anywhere)?
Oh no! You wasted precious seconds reading this!
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