The game crashes ALL THE TIME

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User Info: SenSx

4 years ago#1

I am imploring you your help,

my game random crashes ALL THE TIME!
During cinematics, in game, and even option screen.

I tried every advice to fix this problem:

- Set SLI: OFF
- Set shadows to High (it really reduced the amount of crashs I got, but I still have this problem)
- Set Vsynch to OFF
- Use XP compatibility

The problem is that it does not crash immediatly, this vicious game waits for me to be well advanced during a mission, and when I think I am going to finish it in time before it crashes: BAM ! The damn game crashes AGAIN....

I really don't want to lower my graphic options further more, I have a good system (2500k, GTX 670 Direct CU 2 TOP, 4 go ram), do I really have to turn shadows completly off ? (shadows on figh instead of Super high really reduced the amount off crashes I got, before that, I couldn't watch any cinematics).
Do I have to play in Directx 9 instead of Directx 10 ?

Is there any patch to fix this ?
Even an amateur patch ? Unfortunately amateurs often have to fix problems in game themselves because of those lazy developpers...

Thax in advance for any help !

User Info: SenSx

4 years ago#2
I think I found the problem: Direct X10

I tried the game in Direct X 9, and I was able to compete two entire chapters without one single crash, which is a complete miracle! there anyway to Fix Direct X10 with this game now ?


User Info: bob444449

4 years ago#3
I'm having this same problem, I can generally get 10 or 20 minutes into the game and then it will crash, I'll restart do one mission and It'll crash again, I have great specs to run it, but The only thing that works for me is to run it on DX 9 as well, I do get significantly further if I close almost all my background programs, but haven't found a definite fix either.
PSN/XBL/Steam- Famrit
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