Falken vs. Nosferatu

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User Info: Dark_Glint

9 years ago#1
This question has been on my mind a lot lately: which is the superior plane, the ADF-01F Falken, or the CFA-44 Nosferatu?

Assuming both pilots were exactly equal in ability, and either plane could be equipped with any special weapon the pilots desired, which one would come out on top in a one-on-one duel?


User Info: PositronCannon

9 years ago#2
Falken's TLS kills anything almost instantly. CFA's EML isn't as effective if we judge it by AC6 onine standards. It's like the TLS being a super-powerful automatic weapon and the EML being a not-so-powerful semi-automatic weapon.
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User Info: Mindripper56

9 years ago#3
In terms of handling, the Falken is much better: quite nimble, decent stall characteristics. The CFA-44 has lousy stall characteristics and handles a bit like a tank. In terms of weaponry, it's a tough call: the Death Ray on the Falken is incredibly destructive but has no terminal guidance, while the ADMMs on the CFA-44 can take out entire target groups from a distance.

Personally, I would take the Falken over the CFA-44 any day.
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User Info: Off_da_border

9 years ago#4
Versus the Nosferatu, I'd put my money on the Falken. The TLS can snipe targets 40,000 ft away I believe... the Nevera Jammer says I'm right.
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User Info: RAZGRIZ13245

9 years ago#5
Well the Noseferatu's EML has pretty much the same range as the FALKENS TLS it's just a bit harder to aim but it has the same destructive power. Oh and another thing. Does anyone know if there's a video of the Falken against the Nosferatu.

User Info: PositronCannon

9 years ago#6
^ Obviously not, since they're not in the same game.
Sapin's Ace - The Professional AC6 Fanboy

User Info: Timeless_Enigma

9 years ago#7
Definitely the ADF-01 FALKEN, decent plane with a death ray. If I wanted to drive a boat, I'd drive a boat, but the CFA does have beautiful mini-missiles. Why not throw the ADFX-01/02 Morgan into this?

When it comes to superplanes though, throw me into an XFA-27 or X-02.
Timelessly Enigmatic
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User Info: amazingmao

9 years ago#8
FALKEN, if it can get in close
actually, scratch that. it's only a matter of time before FALKEN can get in close to Nosferatu
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User Info: Wyvern1

9 years ago#9
Definitly Falken. TLS is an instant kill, not to mention the plane is better and won't stall every turn. ADMMs real effectiveness comes in its ability to destroy large amounts of targets in one blow. But if it's only one fighter and you can't hit it, they do you know good. Like others have said, EML is like an underpowered TLS.

Also, I don't know about the TLS's range in AC5&0, but in ACX, it'll only kill targets about 1300 away (standard missle lock-on is at 800, SAAMs I know are above 1300 as are other special weapons.) However I don't know how this compares to other games, as there are no lengths of measurement in ACX, and the missles in AC5&0 if I remember correctly lock on somewhere around 1500 or so. I do believe that the overall range of the TLS is shorter in ACX.
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