CFA-44 Prototype or Razgriz?

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User Info: Wurd77

8 years ago#1
Which one of the downloadable versions of the CFA-44 Nosferatu is better? The Prototype version or the Razgriz version?

From the information that I've read about the two....the Prototype version has improved lock-on speed and stablity but lower defense, speed and maneuvarablity (sp?). The Razgriz version has improved stability and defense but a lower lock-on speed.

So, from that....the Razgriz version seems like the better of the two. However, I would like to get some opinions from those who have, actually, tried both of them.

User Info: SK_Lionheart

8 years ago#2
its ur money my dood get them both thats how i would do it cuz i ball like that hahaha

User Info: Mindripper56

8 years ago#3
The 'Prototype' really sucks. It's a slow and poor-handling version, and I recall that the weapons loadout is reduced too. The best thing to do is to EARN the plane by playing the game, not downloading it. In doing this, you will be preparing yourself for the real challenge in AC6: on-line play. If you go on-line without a mastery of the game, you will be owned.
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User Info: Wurd77

8 years ago#4
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Wurd77

8 years ago#5
Ok. Thanks for your opinion. :-)

From what I've read, though, both the "Prototype" and 'Razgriz" versions have the same number of ammo for each weapon. However, I think both the EML and ECMP special weapons still have to be unlocked. I think that it's the "Ace" version that has reduced ammo for each weapon.

Also, I don't play online since I don't have a "Gold" subscription to Xbox Live.

User Info: Wurd77

8 years ago#6
Also, another thing I was wondering. When you download any of the CFA-44 Nosferatu versions (Prototype, Razgriz,. or Ace) they come with a SP weapon as well (the ADMM)? The other two have to be unlocked regularly, correct?

Although, from the description of the 'Prototype" sounds like it comes with the EML unlocked. Does it?

User Info: mobius5747

8 years ago#7
you should fly the Mig-19 Fishbed people won't hate your guts as much
Bring back the X-02 Wyvern!!
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User Info: CloudSFF7

8 years ago#8
Hi there

In terms of single player,yes the ADMM is unlocked as a default weapon,online it's been banned though.

Second thing,the Proto-type gets picked on by most guys who can't fly or aim.

The proto type can High -G for ages, though it is true it's not as agile as it's counter-parts what you'll find with a CFA thats not a proto-type is that you can high g for about 1 sec and is difficult to NOT stall.

The prototype gives you reliability over manuverability and loses speed at the cost of being the most accurate plane to fly for all CFA'S when it comes to using the EML weapon.It's such a steady craft that you should be able to "snipe" planes out the sky before you see your on-board computer lock onto them.

The other thign to say is that if you complete the game on expert you'll end up with the CFA unlocked anyway and it's stats pretty much mirror the razgriz CFA

In short,the proto-type is for long range fighting,it gets messy up close but you'll have the ability to high g for so long you eventually out turn any craft as all planes have there limit to just how long they can keep it up.

Hope this was useful.

User Info: Wurd77

8 years ago#9
I downloaded both the Ragriz and the Prototype versions and I can't really see a major difference between the two. Although I haven't really tried both of them out that much to really compare the differences and similarities between the two versions.

I have noticed that the Prototype version does lock on to targets much faster than the Razgriz version.

Also, I've noticed something as well. Does the ammo count depend on the difficulty setting? The reason I ask this is....I am on the Easy difficulty setting and it has the ADMM as having 34 shots. I thought it was supposed to have 18 shots?

Or is it that the downloadable versions of the CFA-44, also, have more ammo for it's weapons?

User Info: PositronCannon

8 years ago#10
Easy difficulty gives you double amount of weapons.
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