Ranger tameable pet locations?

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User Info: Bireno

5 years ago#1
So far, in the starting human area, I've only found two tameable pets.. the lizard (under water near the very start).. and the boar (lv8-9 area near the city with the training).

Has anyone found more tameable pets? The Boar is much better than the starting cat or the lizard..

User Info: koroko_korobase

5 years ago#2
There are drakes in the Dragon area of Hoelbrak, the Norn main city.

User Info: Muffins_And_Pie

5 years ago#3
There are Krytan Drakehounds that are tameable in Beetletun and Sharks that are tameable in the water in the Kessex Hills area, which is to the south of Queensdale.

User Info: Starkindler201

5 years ago#4

Each of the Norn shrines has one of its animals that's tameable, so that's an easy way to collect 4 (granted, three of them are the Norn starting animals).

User Info: JonSan

5 years ago#5
There are drakes in the Dragon area of Hoelbrak, the Norn main city

Is there a level requirement for this? I want a freaking dragon as soon as the servers come back up, and I'm going to name him Puff.

User Info: koroko_korobase

5 years ago#6
They look silly. And I don't know much about taming animals because I don't play a ranger. Just know that they are juveniles.

User Info: IronySandwich

5 years ago#7
Found an eagle in kessex hills. On a hill just northeast of earthworks bluff.
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User Info: slvrmsngr

5 years ago#8
I'm not even a ranger and I've probably seen at least 6 different tamable pets. I'm a guardian though so they're no use to me.

I'm in the Charr area btw.

User Info: Salaryman_Matt

5 years ago#9
I found some Juvenile Kryton Drakehounds in Rurikton in Divinities Reach.

User Info: Immortal780

5 years ago#10
There are Blue Jellyfish in the waters of Lion's Arch, to the southwest of the asura gates.

Found a blue drake near the damn to the east of Divinity's reach.

Hyena are in the Charr starting area where the mortar/flame legion quest is. There's also black bears and lashtail devourers somewhat nearby.
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