So top PvP classes as of beta

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User Info: enigmatic_gamer

5 years ago#1
For those of you who did some extensive testing, what do you guys think are the top PvP classes, from most to least powerful.

I would say:

8-Guardian Free Clan Hosting!

User Info: CocaCola0703

5 years ago#2
8 - guardian ??? u they wreck in pvp. they got damage tankiness and CC. and usually pretty high on the scoreboard

from my experience
1- theif
2 - guardian
3 - necro
4 - mesmer
5 - elementalist/ warrior
6 - elementalist / warrior
7 - engineer
8 - ranger

User Info: steker16

5 years ago#3
this thread will boil down to two type of posts, those who do good in PvP saying thier class is top, and those who get wrecked saying the class they notice kill them most is top

User Info: OmegaReaper21

5 years ago#4
I played mesmer and screw best and worst, it was just plain fun. Nothing could kill me as I just cloned and then stelthed my way out of situations. I pretty much played distraction but my team always won as I led enemies away from capture points.

User Info: The_Madd_Hatter

5 years ago#5
well here's my list of PvP ranking of just the ones I played in PvP

1 - Thief
2 - Guardian
3 - Elementalist
4 - Warrior
5 - Mesmer
6 - Necro

I basically went around wrecking people with the theif and just got owned at every turn with the necro

Granted nobody has much experience yet, but that was just my experience with these classes
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User Info: Crimson Phantom

Crimson Phantom
5 years ago#6
Necromancer - Undefeated thus far

speccing in minions, survivability, and the like

30 death magic,
+300% toughness... really helps

minions go BOOM, when they die - death nova
training of the master (30% extra minion damage)
20% less cooldown on minions (explode those puppies)


Staff skills 15% - then maining a staff,
Fateful Marks - can't be blocked
increased mark range

often I'll switch out training of the master and minion cooldown for staff and fateful while keeping minions go boom

but mostly I run staff main and axe/focus switch

15 spite
increased mark damage

30 death magic
staff 15%, fateful marks, increased mark range (often/usually switched for pets go BOOM)

15 blood
mark of evasion (blood mark when you evade)

10 soul
soul marks (marks heal you when triggered)

my skills being, bone minions, bone fiend, flesh wurm, flesh golem and of course my heal is blood fiend

this adds an additional 120 toughness to my character, 42 to my power, and 192 to my healing

I then pack on equipment that buffs my power so that I get crazy healing and crazy damage

and basically I am an unkillable killbot machine

you either turn and face me and have my pets lay waste to you while I kite away
or you turn and face my pets while I deal tons of damage to you (This is usually why I choose pets go boom as I can land marks just fine)

every staff attack heals me quite considerably, I tend to use my dodge to stay near players and just dump another mark on them...

I end up with so much health, so much toughness, pure raw damage, and absurd healing that I am just a nightmare to face

on the RARE (and I mean RARE) occasion where I have been ganged up on and brought lowish on health I just switch to death shroud and kite while creating more marks and fully replenishing my health before switching out of it and unleashing more death upon my enemies...)

and of course if many players are focused on the healing machine of death that means my allies are free to unload death upon them too

So my vote is NECRO, haven't got into a 1v1 PVP situation vs all of these classes (some of them just don't seem to show up) But those I haven't from how they play

that being said...
thieves are annoying little pests

Elementalist - they are best summed up as PREY, especially when I have pets go boom

Necromancer - they are annoying, or they are built and fall to me, potentially the biggest threat, but I've yet to have trouble with one

Ranger - annoying because of their pet, otherwise not much of an issue, probably the second biggest threat, but drastically lower than a thief

Warrior - they are PREY

Thief - annoying, really annoying, probably the biggest threat to me

Mesmer - they are PREY - but annoying to nail down

Engineer - total PREY

Guardian - PREY
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User Info: Deathral

5 years ago#7
why are there so many terribad warriors in this game. I've tried out every class for like 2-3 hours and warrior is in the top 3 if not #1. BEST DPS of any class. When i tried him, i soloed eles before my endure pain ran out (5 seconds)

learn to play melee adn warrior is great. My List

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5 years ago#8
I have not played the professions enough to say which ones are good and which ones are bad. Even if I played all of them, without the appropriate spec and playstyle a strong profession can appear weak etc.

That said, I did play a lot of necromancer in PvP and was pretty pleased with it. I thought I did pretty well against most opponents. I love how there are many ways for you to stay alive and how the profession can make you feel like you are messing with the opponent, blinding , crippling, bleeding, switching to death shroud and blinking towards them, blowing up minions in their face.

I had a LOT of fun with this profession and there is no doubt in my mind (now that I have tried every profession reasonably extensively) that this will be the profession I stick with. That is not just because I did well with the profession (afterall, they are still balancing things) but I just loved the overall profession mechanics and trait lines available from minion mastery to condition control.
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User Info: kingofthekids

5 years ago#9
I've only played Ranger in PvP, and I got the top score in four matches. However, this wasn't due to the class itself but because I was the only one moving around & dodging while attacking. Everyone else was far too stationary.

I think they're all going to end up being fairly even, but I do also think that ranged weapons have several advantages that would make it silly not to use them in PvP. Every melee player I saw was down to half health by the time they got close enough to even use their weapon, and once they did all I had to do was dodge away to safety.

User Info: Subby33

5 years ago#10
I think all the classes are pretty awesome in their own way . . . and its based on how much you like the class. I had a couple of thieves really wreck me, but I tried playing one and I didnt like it much, so I didnt excel. People keep placing engie low, but I've done very well with one.

The classes seem pretty darn balanced actually.
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