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User Info: Lunacy182

5 years ago#11
I was hesitant on getting the naga, but after picking one up I wouldn't trade it for anything. Like others have said though, it depends on you hand size. I can comfortably reach 1-9 buttons. 10-12 is a stretch.
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User Info: pies12

5 years ago#12
You guys must gave really inflexible thumbs.
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User Info: Corvenik

5 years ago#13
only fat kids that rage on games break the mouse keys by the year ends :P if u dont rage ur good bro.

User Info: ilovemudding

5 years ago#14
12 buttons on the side seem a little overkill.

What about the Naga Hex, the one with 6 buttons on the side? Anyone tried that?

User Info: Duke Darkwood

Duke Darkwood
5 years ago#15
If you have large hands, dont get it.. too small

This is why I am horrible with anything with a tiny-key keypad, or a touchscreen keypad with no stylus. I hit like fifty buttons (might be only 2 or 3) at once. Looks like the Naga's not for me. (Although, I did recommend it to my brother, who was thrilled with everything except its price tag.)

Plus, when it comes to peripherals, I've always been fond of Logitech (simple, effective, and not gonna break in five days). And, I don't really need a gaming mouse anyway, especially with the rumored improvements to keybinds some other thread brought up.
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User Info: Arrenren

5 years ago#16
I have the Naga Hex and I love it. Take a look at my old thread about it!


There are enough buttons. And if they don't have modifiers, you could always just have 6 on the Hex and leave your utilities and elite on the keyboard.

User Info: Taijouroukun

5 years ago#17
i have the naga hex. been playing diablo 3 with it. map skills 1 to 4 and the healing potion to the side buttons. works great. the side buttons are easier to press than i thought. i haven't play gw2 with it though. this coming BWE will be the first.

oh, and i have small hands.


5 years ago#18
If you play MMO's the naga is nice. If you also play a lot of FPS etc. then you may want to reconsider due to the sensor that the mouse uses.
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User Info: tidusishi

5 years ago#19
ilovemudding posted...
12 buttons on the side seem a little overkill.

What about the Naga Hex, the one with 6 buttons on the side? Anyone tried that?

this is the one i have for TERA and Diablo and i absolutely love it :D
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User Info: iSkadoosh

5 years ago#20
Xeeh_Bitz posted...
If you have large hands, dont get it.. too small

I always pictured you as fat.
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