Top WvW servers?

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User Info: tirn33

5 years ago#1
Gate of Madness
Jade Quarry
Fort Aspenwood
Yak's Bend

In no particular order. Really want to roll Darkhaven (just like the name) but seems DH will probably end up 6th - 8th best.

User Info: Xeeh_Bitz

5 years ago#2
Too early to tell which is the best server, I mean.. sure during beta it was like that.. but when it comes to release nobody has any reserved servers..

If the servers are full(Cause people rushed to them) then it could be possible the people just move else where since they can't select a home server if it's full and some of those people may relocate to another server.

that and a lot of people has no ideal wtf they're even doing.
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User Info: DKPunkSurfer

5 years ago#3
what about crystal desert =o
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User Info: ReliefGuard

5 years ago#4
Wasn't there supposed to be a benefit from winning WvW too?
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User Info: FF4Fan1313

5 years ago#5
The lack of crystal desert is saddening. We have Team Legacy!
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User Info: Despayre

5 years ago#6
Just roll where you want and make that server awesome.

User Info: Okamiaku

5 years ago#7
Watch what servers Maven, Team Legacy, Team Paradigm, and Mouretsu are on.

You do know that the WvW servers are matched to other equaly compotent servers worldwide. Its not a locked faceroll.

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User Info: Epic_Bear_Guy

5 years ago#8
Not really, darkhaven has a good record actually. They're probably like the 3rd strongest server with fort aspenwood, crystal desert being the top servers. Darkhaven was steamrolling gate of madness towards the end of BWE3 on the battlefields. I don't know what TC is talking about. Also, yak's bend? Are you kidding me lol....they're probably in the 7th to 8th spot if anything.

User Info: Cool_new_name

5 years ago#9
I play on Yak's and I can't believe we are in the top numbers.
I like the server and feel it has potential, but is not very organized or deep with strategy.
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