Plains of Ashford PoI, how?

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User Info: Ohoni

5 years ago#1
Ok, there's a Point of Interest in the Plains of Ashford that boggle me, and I'm seeing if anyone else knows what to do. Some of you can probably guess what I mean from that alone, I'm talking about one on top of an Ayers' Rock sort of hill, south of the graveyard, west of a Charr camp, north of a Charr ghostbuster base. There are rock elementals on one side and Lashtails on the other. If you know the area you should know where I mean.

Anyways, there is a PoI and a Skillpoint at that location, what's the deal? I assume you have to get on top of that thing, but all the sides are too shear to climb. Or am I misreading it completely and it's all underground, with an entrance far away from there? Is there a starting point I'm missing to clear those locations?

User Info: Voxwik

5 years ago#2
It's under the ground through some ghost corridors. I don't remember the exact way there but once you understand it's under rather than above it's much easier to find.

Sadly I did not figure that out on my own. I saw it in /map during BWE3.
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