best elite skill for warrior?

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User Info: Xiocamie

5 years ago#1
I got to 30 and not sure which of the elite skills to pick, the summon wolf might be cool..but idk. Anyone try the others and any ideas on which suck / don't suck?
This is for PvE, not pvp

User Info: rapacioushobo

5 years ago#2
charrzooka of course, provided you are a charr and want a bazooka
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User Info: TheBlueDeath

5 years ago#3

Revival Banner is amazing.
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User Info: BladedShadow0

5 years ago#4
The sigil by far, 30 secs of 3 great buffs including 33% movement speed, and it's only on a 60 second cd can't be beat. The other elite skills have longer cd's, while this can even be used for just moving around, and helps a Ton on jumping puzzles.

User Info: TheNeoianOne

5 years ago#5
Both the banner and sigil are pretty great.

User Info: dejavu1982

5 years ago#6
i dont know, im really like the power of grenth, it looks cool and you chill and poison your enemy with each weapon strike, the chill is -66% movement speed:)
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  3. best elite skill for warrior?

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