1 - 400 Jewelcrafting and Cooking (post-patch) guides.

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User Info: SecureGamer

5 years ago#1
Jewelcrafting- http://i.imgur.com/wCw82.jpg
Cooking- http://alttabme.com/forum/index.php?threads/a-picture-video-guide-to-400-cooking-and-10-easy-levels.1516/

Found these on reddit.
From: CJayC | Posted: 6/3/2003
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User Info: Grey_Asakura

5 years ago#2
http://i.imgur.com/ZuXHL.jpg http://i.imgur.com/CEvtF.jpg
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User Info: ellis123

5 years ago#3
Rather nice how he has the exact numbers required for the Jewelcrafting (didn't really look at the cooking one). Going to definitely look at it for when I get really started (ie. buy mats for) on Jewler.
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User Info: Undead587

5 years ago#4
Thank you for sharing.

Hopefully someone releases a helpful armorsmith/weaponsmith guide. I haven't been too lucky thus far. It cost me a small fortune to get to 225 on both :(.
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