How much does level 1-400 crafting cost ?

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  3. How much does level 1-400 crafting cost ?

User Info: rikuharada

5 years ago#1
Estimate wise, how much does leveling a profession from 1- 400 gonna cost ??

User Info: NietzschesFaith

5 years ago#2
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User Info: Kurir_Telmonkin

5 years ago#3
It varies based on the craft.

For example, last night, after spending 3-4 weeks collecting gems and ores and what not while levelling up huntsman and weaponsmith and getting to level 80 and all that, I went from 0-399 jewel crafting in about 3 hours costing me about 2g, with maybe 20 silver worth of donations.

My huntsman on the other hand, took me weeks to get to 400 because i didnt have the mats and has probably cost me 5 or 6 gold at least.
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User Info: Xeno14

5 years ago#4
it's different based off craft. Jewelcrafting is by far the easiest and least expensive i've done. Nearly everything in jewelcrafting until 375-380 is gotten from nodes. Weapon, armor, and hunting are far more expensive because you have tiers where you have to refine the ore into something else. Starts off cheap but you find yourself spending a lot more then you think when you start skilling up on darksteel items
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  3. How much does level 1-400 crafting cost ?

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