They mentioned attacking castles....

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User Info: Irkie500

9 years ago#1
I love the idea but making it happen might be a little difficult. I think if we could command troops and turn it into a bit of a RTS that would be cool. Hey maybe for fun also add in trebuchets.
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User Info: I Like Toast

I Like Toast
9 years ago#2
gw is not an rts.
gw is not an rts.
gw is not an rts.

moving on.

gw is wow jr.
gw is wow jr.
gw is wow jr.

get those into your head, and your question is answered. attacing a castle will mean that the castle will be defended by npcs/players, there will be capture poits you can control, the more you get the more of an advantage you have, until the castle is yours.

think abish, but not teleporting there. it's more and more standard in orpgs now.

also fyi, wow ripped off a lot from DaoC, know ur roots.
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User Info: master_ansem

9 years ago#3
This topic fails because I posted in it
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User Info: Murza

9 years ago#4

siege umm ye well but not versus npc...betterversusrealplayers..

therewouldbelikeonedaytoregisterurguildtosiege , u can join atacker side or defender side...aftersometime(days)siegebegins...pplkilleachother... when attackers fight theyre way to castle center guild leader must take controll of the castle by doign smthing... if they succed the castle is the guilds that FIRST took over the castle.

User Info: sonicwhip

9 years ago#5

in world pvp higher level players will be able to form huge groups and commence a full frontal assault on a castle while lower level players can assemble a smaller group and secure trade routes to feed cannons or man a gaurd tower to warn the high lvl defenders when a group is nearing so they can know were to patrol more often.

im pretty sure i will buy this game the first day its released dont try to beat me to it ;)

User Info: tpolimen

9 years ago#6
raids anyone? anyone raids? Maybe a bit of the SW:G, god i hope not
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User Info: 00bularn00bular

9 years ago#7
Murza and sonicwhip. Please depart from the living.
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User Info: Jett86

9 years ago#8
It's not an rts, but it's not look there couldn't be an rts-ish minigame/arena. Look at good vs. evil for neverwinter nights.
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User Info: FenixInouva

9 years ago#9
gw is wow jr.
gw is wow jr.
gw is wow jr.

your ignorance is staggering.
This just in: Northrend has two zones:(1) the zone people who think there are only two zones will be playing in (2) the zone everybody else will be playing in

User Info: Jackish_Person

9 years ago#10
think Lineage

and i like OLD SW:G...but dear god swg after 2005 is the worst thing ever
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