for ps3?

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User Info: Summoner678

9 years ago#131

maoric posted...
Link or it never happened.

Go to synaesthesia.

That's not exactly what they said.

If you go to the NCSoft website and pull out their investor relations presentation you will see 2 graphs

one showing an increase in console development from their part as the years go by (with a big % in 2009)

the other showing GW2 coming out in 2009

whether the two things coincide is yet unknown

User Info: I Like Toast

I Like Toast
9 years ago#132
so the topic has looped back to post #1

ncsoft made a deal with sony to make console mmo's(they have 2 unannounced games in development), then there is a chart that says they are increasing console development, therefore gw2 is coming to ps3!
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