Do your items carry over to GW2?

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User Info: AoENIAC

9 years ago#11
I was under the impression that they could easily add an "inheritance" function while still maintaining game balance.

Like, unlocking the ability to craft armor designs in GW2 which are updated versions of the armor your GW characters stored in their hall of monuments. You'd still have to pay for the armor and still have to find a good crafter to get high quality armor but the STYLE is what I'm after!

Same thing with weapons. You could have weaponsmiths of varying degrees of power at progressively more difficult locations. If your GW character stores, say, a maxed out weapon in their monument, then your GW2 character should be able to find the highest level weaponsmith and get them to replicate it for an appropriate crafting fee. A substantially weaker tier of weapon would only require a generic weaponsmith and a lower cost.

This way you can "transfer" stuff but maintain game balance since you still have to work to the point where everybody else can find/craft armor/weapons of comparable quality before you're able to actually obtain the transfered goods.

Oh, and simply unlocking a maxed title track with your GW characters should make it available to your GW2 characters at the hall of monuments. Titles are already superficial so there's no harm in transferring them directly.

Hell, it's possible to even write a scenario where your old GW heroes come back as spirits or are reincarnated or something after your GW2 characters jump through a ton of hoops and beat an end game difficulty instance or something but THAT WOULD BE DUMB AND CONTRIVED SO I DON'T WANT IT. Let my heroes rest in peace.

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User Info: importpower

9 years ago#12

bassbomber20 posted...
Bah, yet another title that I will not be buying then, as it's just going to be more of the same-old same-old then that we've already been fed for 3 times now?

ok hold on.. how does titles and items carrying over = new exciting experience, and nothing carrying over and GW2 being a completely sepperate game = sam-old sam-old that has been fed to us 3 times? i fail to understand your perfect logic

User Info: darksoulpriest

9 years ago#13
you spell "same" as "s-a-m-e"

And we already know that jumping will be the best feature to GW2, otherwise, it's gonna have the same repetetive gameplay in PvE as GW has now.

Though some people like shadow think pve is hard, so you don't know, maybe some nubs will enjoy it.

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  3. Do your items carry over to GW2?

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