So is the story still about DRAAAAGONS?!?!!

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  3. So is the story still about DRAAAAGONS?!?!!

User Info: Summoner678

9 years ago#21

count_hamstein posted...

so how BAD can the story get?

save the princess? no wait....done (kormir)

User Info: darksoulpriest

9 years ago#22
yes, because GW hasn't abused the evil dragon story yet, doesn't mean they aren't going to.

i wonder if these are like free story templates online that they take or something. like a pre-made bare-bones story, and they just transcribe it to their games.

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User Info: Kaltrec

9 years ago#23
These days, it's not easy to make up a story that hasn't already been thought up by someone before.
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User Info: I Like Toast

I Like Toast
9 years ago#24
that's why the arts have stopped eh?

oh wait no, fail more.
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User Info: NatalieZeldaFan

9 years ago#25
They need some Tonka trucks in the story. Then they'll really reach their target audience.
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  3. So is the story still about DRAAAAGONS?!?!!

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