Will i need guild wars 1?

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User Info: darkrain108

9 years ago#11
I really hope you get SOMETHING other than titles. As it stands now most of the titles are basically useless. Who actually visits the HoM anyway? You should at least get to wear the armor your previous character had, and retain all of the skills they had, provided those skills still exist.
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User Info: maoric

9 years ago#12
I would hope there would be more than titles as well. We don't have much recent information concerning GW2 unlocks, however. All we have to go on are old interviews that do mention clothes/armor and weapons, though not much detail on how they'd be implemented without giving an advantage.

Until more information is given, all we can predict is that they'll either give us some way of having the skinned items that doesn't cause an early-game power creep, or there will mostly be titles like DSP believes.
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User Info: Spirit_of_Myst

9 years ago#13
If you like WoW, just buy GW2 and play. If you're looking for something different from WoW, get the originals.
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User Info: serukuis

9 years ago#14
Lol I am so srry i was "rude" but if you had actually read some of they articles you may have realized that you do not need any of they GWs games to play GW2..

User Info: Nanosplicer

9 years ago#15
No need to apologize. It really does get tiring answering and reading the same posts over and over. Those that do ask the same generic questions really could spend more time looking for the answers.
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User Info: Spectre13790

9 years ago#16
Regarding HoM content, there are pros and cons to each side of the argument.

If they do give us more than titles, it'll be nice knowing our old characters didn't get all that playtime and growth just to be left behind when the sequel comes out.

However, people could argue that those who don't purchase GW:EN, or those new to the series will then be at a disadvantage from the get go.

Personally, I think that it would be nice to have old characters come through, but also it's good to level the playing field.

Anyways, on the original topic of the post, Prophecies Factions and Nightfall are all independant campaigns, not requiring purchase of the others to play, whereas Eye of the North requires at least one of the above, Guild Wars 2 will be seperate, not requiring any.

User Info: bibliotheek357

9 years ago#17
darksoulpriest. He typed it so 'bitterly' because that's been answered tons of times. If people can't even be bothered to read a little before starting a topic, then he can even consider himself lucky to have anyone answering for him. These things can be googled even faster. Type '"guild wars 2" requirements' and cha-ching, you get the whole thing on several websites. 'dont need guild wars nor its expansions' 'entirely other game'

User Info: Jackish_Person

9 years ago#18
Hah. Funny how you constantly pester DSP for acting like a troll, yet here you are, trolling. Hypocrites are phail.
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