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User Info: darKnight92

8 years ago#1
should i buy Prophecies online now (which is rather late, three years later in fact) or juz wait endlessly for GW2 to be finished and released?

User Info: Pirate 2

Pirate 2
8 years ago#2
if it seems like something that interests you, then sure, why not? you can probably pick it up for pretty cheap nowadays anyways.

im pretty sure i saw gw:trilogy for like 40ish bucks at best buy the other day. thats a pretty good deal, even considering how much ass the second two games suck.

User Info: darksoulpriest

8 years ago#3
Black Friday. You missed it.

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User Info: Phazor58

8 years ago#4
I'd say $40 is a good deal for all three of the campaigns. Even if you mainly play Prophecies, there's some decent skills for PvP in Factions and Nightfall.
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User Info: Pirate 2

Pirate 2
8 years ago#5
heroes are cool too if you dont have any friends on. or any friends that want to play the game at all.

User Info: aura_enchanted

8 years ago#6
if you do anything at all besides buy guildwars its this : dont play the WoW while u wait!

User Info: mayforcebeyou

8 years ago#7
don'tplay you will get addicted

User Info: personn5

8 years ago#8
uhh no. I played wow for maybe a month or two. Not addicted, don't have a constant urge to play the game. Might even delete the file soon, wasting up so much space on here.
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User Info: dementiaprime

8 years ago#9
dont diss teh WoW! GW 2 is supposed to replace my WoW addiction

User Info: Adam_the_Nerd

8 years ago#10
You can get a bundle of Prophecies and Eye of the North for about 30-40$
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