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User Info: felix2123

8 years ago#1

That was beautiful.

User Info: Agent_12345

8 years ago#2
I notice jumping and the stuff

User Info: Terracarnus

8 years ago#3
I was very impressed actually. I thought I wouldn't be. Some great designs in there and I am getting as excited as I was last year over this prospect. Can't wait.
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User Info: Cool_new_name

8 years ago#4
There was a lot of environments done for that trailer.
I wonder how much of the game's world is actually finished?!

User Info: doctorofwho

8 years ago#5
some notes on the trailer from Regina (posted at GW2G)

It was played and recorded in real-time at true 1080p HD resolution, not scaled up artificially.
The animated lore part of the video is produced at 1080p resolution from the ground up. All assets are created at true 1080p resolution.
The animated, pre-rendered lore intro portion of the video was done completely in-house. This was not contracted out to a specialty studio that produces high-end pre-rendered videos. All of the illustrations, animation, editing, and rendering was done at ArenaNet.
The in-game part of the video is actual in-game footage. It was rendered in real-time in the game engine and recoded live using video capture hardware. Nothing was pre-rendered. All models, textures, and other assets are actual game play versions. They haven't been prettied up for marketing purposes.
Maps are works in progress, and may change to better fit game play.
The team is working hard to make the game even more beautiful for the full release.
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User Info: Earthjade

8 years ago#6
So we can pretty much ease up on the speculation this game is dead?
I mean, not that it ever was, but people were saying...
Also, I know it's still not 100% sure this will come out, but it's got to be looking like an 80% chance at least, right?
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User Info: iscareu13

8 years ago#7
... was i the only one that thought that trailer was kind of lame?
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User Info: Hidari

8 years ago#8
... was i the only one that thought that trailer was kind of lame?

You probabkly expected too much.

Honestly, I was surprised that they even showed some early ingame footage.

According to the FAQ, gameplay is to be revealed in early 2010, while we will get more infos on the various races later this year.

User Info: mayforcebeyou

8 years ago#9
the charr has a gun at 1;57. It's been confirmed theres guns in the game.

User Info: maoric

8 years ago#10
Firearms were covered by the team during the GamesCom QA session after the trailer reveal. The audio was cutting out a bit however, so unless someone was transcribing at the event to report later all we know is that each race has their own unique type of firearm.
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