Is it worth buying GW1 at this point?

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  3. Is it worth buying GW1 at this point?

User Info: userdisplayname

8 years ago#1
I was planning on getting GW1 this december, is it worth it or should I wait?

User Info: I Like Toast

I Like Toast
8 years ago#2
hasn't been worth it in 3 years
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User Info: darksoulpriest

8 years ago#3

Dynamic Sig Says: not worth it at all

User Info: Muffins_And_Pie

8 years ago#4
For me, not worth the 190 dollars, hope this changes for the second one though.

User Info: maoric

8 years ago#5

The trilogy is ~$40 and EotN is ~$23.

I'd say it would be worth it if you didn't have other games keeping you busy and you enjoyed it.
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User Info: DenisG

8 years ago#6

Mr desert there meant what he paid in total as each campaign came out. Which is what I also paid approximately, but in my opinion I was very satisfied. Is it worth buying all 4 now for about 60 or 70 Canadian or US sure, but soon time and the player base will be lacking as we get closer to GW 2's release.:D

User Info: maoric

8 years ago#7
There wasn't really a reason to bring the price he paid into the picture, since people considering purchasing the game now won't be paying near the same price.
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User Info: carlito255

8 years ago#8
I was actually thinking about getting it too. Oh well, I'll wait then.

User Info: Phazor58

8 years ago#9
I would say that it's worth it, especially if you can get it gifted to you (i.e. Christmas). GW2 won't be out for awhile, so it's a long wait.

Although there's a lot of good games coming out right now (particularly if you have a PS3...Assassin's Creed 2, Demon's Souls, Uncharted 2, etc), so you might consider getting those instead if you have a limited amount of cash you're willing to spend.
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User Info: DenisG

8 years ago#10

Yup just can't wait for Assassin's Creed 2, Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, Dark Void and let's not forget best SF shooter of all time Crysis and hopefully Crysis 2 will be as good.

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  3. Is it worth buying GW1 at this point?

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