:( No mesmer it seems

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User Info: silent_loud

7 years ago#1
From the looks of the game, it doesn't seem like the mesmer class will be returning. Since there are only three "scholar" professions, it doesn't seem likely that the mesmer will make the cut. How sad.....

User Info: darksoulpriest

7 years ago#2
mesmer is like the most guaranteed one at this point.

most are betting monk as the one who doesn't make the cut for scholars.

DSP's Tidbits: though i hope necro.

User Info: Fony

7 years ago#3
ele, ranger and warrior are locks. there's been official art and in game footage of a class that looks exactly like the mesmers.

mesmer is by far the most likely spell caster (besides the confirmed elementalist) to make a return in GW2.

even if it's not called mesmer it'll probably play very much like one. there's absolutely no reason to think that necromancers or monks will return.

User Info: maoric

7 years ago#4

From: Fony | Posted: 6/4/2010 5:24:57 PM | #003
there's absolutely no reason to think that necromancers or monks will return.

There is the possibility monks will return, contained in one image. As posted in this topic:


The lower left corner has most of a character cut off, however we see them casting a skill with whitish-blue effects and a whitish-blue ankh (the profession indicator icon for Monks in GW1) floating by their hand as they cast. It's true that this is just conjecture, but it does give possible credence to their return.
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User Info: Dreamhunterxx

7 years ago#5
Personally I wouldn't be surprised if Necros were cut. For me, a main characteristic of the Necromancer class is summoning. However, I don't see why they would keep a class that can create tons of minions but abolish henchmen and the once planned companion system Other themes of the class such as hexes and degen could still be covered by Mesmers anyway.

User Info: PoisonArc

7 years ago#6
I think the engineer will replace the necro.
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User Info: darksoulpriest

7 years ago#7

From: PoisonArc | #006
I think the engineer will replace the necro.

Nice job copying my idea.

Ultimately, necros have the best lore-related reason not to return, as well as the fact that everything it does can be incorporated easily into something else. shutdowns into mesmers, minions into engineers, emoness into practically anything, etc.

DSP's Extra Tidbits:

User Info: PoisonArc

7 years ago#8
^ yes, because I follow your posts so closely.

The engineer makes sense to replace the necro because he basically has a flesh golem and a long range attack.
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User Info: gobberpooper

7 years ago#9

Mesmers are there for sure. Necros have to be there, only like under 20% of necros play MM, and all other MM duties are slapped onto the heroes. The necro's main point is life stealing and SSes. Manipulation of conditions and the enemy's ability to do anything. Same with mesmers.

What if there was a joint mesmer/necro hex profession, maybe called Manipulator or Controller, that could degen(manipulate) the enemy and then summon and control minions, throw out curses and hexes etc.

User Info: FuzzyBlueElf

7 years ago#10
Gameplay-wise that makes sense Gobber, but lore wise it won't happen. Gwen is too central to suddenly go down in history as someone who raises the dead.

Can you imagine a Gwen's mum zombie-lich?

It's just not happening.

There will be mesmers. There won't be monks. Necros will likely be in because of the orr storyline and their summoning mechanic. But I bet it will be altered to be more like WoW's warlock class. With a non-instanced world, too many mms would equal too much server disruption and havoc. There will be a very low limit to the number of summons you can have. Like 3-ish small ones or 1 large beastly one. That's my prediction.
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