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User Info: RPGdemon

7 years ago#1
I loved Ritualist in GW1 and hoping that they become a standalone profession back in GW2. They introduced new elements to the game such as item spells, weapon spells and spirits (not counting ranger ones ;D) which I thought were very unique and fun to use.

I'm aware that there will be only 3 scholar professions at launch. One is elementalist and mesmer is strongly rumoured to be in, which leaves one spot. Realistically I believe it will be a necromancer/ritualist hybrid of some sort, which I will be happy about but anyone else hoping that ritualist will return on its own in GW2?

Was the ritualist profession in GW1 popular and well received by the community?

Share your thoughts and opinions ;)

User Info: silentfox4

7 years ago#2
To be honest, the best chance that the ritualist has to make it in this game is if it is meshed into the necromancer. Since "most" likely the scholar classes are Elementalist, Mesmer, and Necromancer. And the only reason I feel confident in Necromancer being in GW2 is *Possible Spoiler* that in Ghosts of Ascalon a main character Killeen is a Necromancer.

User Info: Lord_Kay

7 years ago#3
I dont think Ritualist will be in this game(maybe expansion)since mesmer and necro will prob complete scholar class. So there no room for Rt(stupid light armor) but maybe a small bit of skills will go to necro.

P.S I love the Rt's wish some how they would end up in this game and there really great support class to play with.

User Info: RPGdemon

7 years ago#4
Yeah, even if Rt doesnt make the cut in any shape or form at launch, hopefully they can make a comeback in a future expansion. We'll see what Anet decides to pull off with necromancers though ;)

User Info: RDB26

7 years ago#5

Though I like adding rit mechanics to the necro would be a really great idea (like n/rt in the original) I don't think we'll be seeing them for a while, if at all. Lorewise, only Canthans are ritualists and there won't be many in GW2. Ritualists don't actually use magic from the gods, but they channel power from their ancestors. Specific groups or races are not probably too accepting of it. The Sylvari don't really have any ancestors to communicate with and the Asura may look down upon it for not being a true magic (just an idea).

I highly doubt that they will be included at launch but there is always hope for expansions or new campaigns.

User Info: Iminyourcloset

7 years ago#6
If Ritualist and Necromancer are merged (both have control of dead), then it's possible that the Mesmer will be somewhat merged with a Paragon, as it will be able to instil harmful negative thoughts into mind of enemies and positive uplifting thoughts into minds of allies.
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User Info: Vael22

7 years ago#7
I have a strong feeling that rits will not be returning right away in the new game. The scholar profs will most likely be Elementalist, Necromancer, and Mesmer as all three of these are specificaly mentioned in the new Guild Wars: Ghosts of Ascalon book as being "magic users". I do love rits and hope that when the make an expansion that brings cantha back into the fold that rits will be reintroduced, but I highly doubt they will be in it from the begining.

User Info: RDB26

7 years ago#8

Though it is likely that ritualists are still part of the world of Tyria, its just as likely that there are no ritualists 250 years later. It could be viewed as archaic and no longer in use.

User Info: The_Madd_Hatter

7 years ago#9
we might also see certain playstyles jumping armor classes

the Rt is very similar to WoW's Shaman and that is a Mail armor class, we may see Rt as a medium armor class but who knows

they also need to save something for an expansion
There is no try, only do and do not.

User Info: Shadow1975

7 years ago#10
Doubt they will add new classes to an expansion. They found major problems in balance when they added Sin and Rit, and more with Derv and Para. PvP had a lot of problems, and still does due to those classes being added in. PvE has issues with armor and weapon variety since the new classes do not get armor/weapons from the older games (except a very select set).

They may, but I think they are trying to avoid that. Many games (GW included) that add new classes like this find they can't stop unless they want to make the player base unhappy. Look at Perfect World. They added new classes a few times from what I understand, and people still want more.

I'd be happier if they focuses new stuff on content rather than things to alter the way the game plays. New things to do can be just as good as new ways to do them, and they can add new ways to do things without throwing a balance mess into the game.
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