What races are gonna be best for what classes?

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  3. What races are gonna be best for what classes?

User Info: munch416

6 years ago#1
im imagining charr is the warrior. the tree ppl are archers..any thoughts?
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User Info: scarface_0013

6 years ago#2

No race is best with one class. An Asura warrior is just as good as a Charr warrior.

User Info: afaimix

6 years ago#3
Yeah, all races are designed to be able to effectively play all professions equally. What sets them apart is racial skills and personal story.
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User Info: Frostbinder

6 years ago#4
There really shouldn't be a best race for any class except for what you personally find to look the best in terms of overall preference. Now as far as what i think is best with my opinion, this is what I plan on going with:

Warrior (Norn)
Elementalist (Human / Sylvari)
Ranger (Human / Sylvari)
Necromancer (Asura)

*And if these classes ever get confirmed it'll probably be:

Mesmer (Human)
Assassin (Human / Charr)

User Info: kenlee25

6 years ago#5
gameplay wise they are the same. but lore wise

Paladin : Human
elementalist: asura
Assassin: Human
Ranger : Norn ( but sylvari are one with nature so they may take it )
warrior: charr
Necromancer : sylvari

i find it hard giving the norn a definate class. the charr are the lmilitary race so they get warrior. the humans are the religious ones so they get paladin ( and they were the original assassin masters so they get that and any sort of samurai class in the future ). And the one with nature thing allows sylvari to become master necromancers. Asura are by far the most magicl and mechanical race so they get elementalist ( and engineer if they have it ).

the norn only really stands out as rangers because of the character Eir from Destinies edge

User Info: kenlee25

6 years ago#6
oooops i forgot about mesmer

humans get that definately as they created the art and are probably the most deceptive of all the races.

but the paladin class actually may not have anything to do with holy magic at all so another race may be able to get that. otherwise it seems lore wise humans are still top of the food chain if you ask me ( although also lore wise they are dying out in tyria at least )

User Info: darkace77450

6 years ago#7
"i find it hard giving the norn a definate class."

Just what I was thinking. They aren't as military as the Charr. They aren't as in tune with nature as the Sylvari. And the bow to no one, and I'm assuming that means the gods; so they won't fit as a religious class either. I'm leaning towards Ranger for the Norn, as well.

User Info: Frostbinder

6 years ago#8
Why does the Warrior have to be linked with being militaristic? If you step back and look at it all classes are militaristic in some fashion, just different squads/regiments. I guess I just can't connect the dots on that line of thinking.

User Info: kenlee25

6 years ago#9
because good sir the warrior is THE ONLY class speciffically meant for battle....

rangers are just hunters really
assassins do sneaky killing
paladins defend

all magic users original purpose was the use of magic for other means besides war

the warrior is the only class that makes up armies. sure armies may ask for some elementalists here and there, and even a few may join, but 90 percent of the swordsmen, archers, and generals go under the warrior class.

thats just how life works. in reall ife you may learn to use a bow in the army, but that doesnt mean you can hunt and tame animals with it like a real life ranger could.

you may learn to use a sword or spear or whatever in the army but only specialized knights were decent at using them for defensive purposes and not just to cover their own ass.

the army may teach you how to use a knife but only an assassin knows how to master it for utmost killing.

as you can see warriors are clearly meant just for military purposes, thus they go to the charr, the most militaristic race in guild wars

User Info: Cobra1010

6 years ago#10
Im gonna go with the lore thing. I'll gonna be making Charr Warrior as main then maybe wen i get bored i'll make some funny combo like Asura Warrior, asura archer or charr necromancer etc.
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