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User Info: supertoasterz

6 years ago#11
I love that they let us walk. In GW1 I preferred the walking animation over the running one for a lot of models, like the warrior who would sling his hammer over his should and just swagger his way to his next foe - both things you should never be doing while crippled in the middle of combat. It was sad that we couldn't do it outside of combat.

I think walking will be even more prevalent in GW2 if only because the scenery is so much better. I want to be able to just stroll down the street and take in the view.
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User Info: Twinmold

6 years ago#12
I never stated that walking isn't something I don't want included in the game. I merely commented on how your ridiculous hyperbole makes your opinion look less sensible and more like that of a whining adolescent.
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User Info: cgwhite85

6 years ago#13
Xialoh posted...
From: Twinmold | #009
YES. They just won me back

If the ability to walk was the deciding point on this game for you then maybe this genre isn't for you.
I didn't ask you if the genre was for me. I didn't imply that I needed assistance knowing either, moldy insect. But to clarify, most online games that I've played over the years have had walk/run features, but nowhere near as much roleplay potential as GW2 is offering. If Anet were to skip out on walking, I was going to lose a lot of faith in how much effort they were really putting into including basic things that most games offer. There have been entire debate threads over walking on the guru, with vast numbers in favor of it, so it definitely matters to a lot of people.

You are seriously overstating the amount of people interested one way or another over a walk command. You say vast, but a more truthful statement would be a small portion of the overall community, that is to say a tiny minority. Not to mention an almost religious like dedication to a single non game changing command being the difference between whether or not you will play does make you look silly.

User Info: supertoasterz

6 years ago#14
No, he's right in saying there's a pretty large following in desperately wanting a walking feature. GW has a sizable RP player base, and to them walking is a key, game changing feature - because they RP. Deciding on whether to purchase or not based soley on walking is silly, but he did clarify that it was a symbol to other basic features & details.
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User Info: Holy_Banisher

6 years ago#15
Sweet. Walking! I hated how I had to use Dolyak Signet or Armor of Earth to do walk in GW1. tbh, walking really would have increased my interest in GW1 (by that I mean played more hours than I already have. I'm still playing xD) because I like to RP a bit when I get bored. I even made a wandering traveler-like character :P

Plus, with my horrible luck with lag (always lag right before I aggro a group...stupid lag makes me run an extra 200' even though I stop holding down the forward button/turn auto-run off), I think I'd be running off of plenty of cliffs if there was no walking... >.>
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User Info: Xialoh

6 years ago#16
I will clarify further that I was more talking about them winning back my faith in their development process. I was never going to not buy the game because of a lack of walking, but I was becoming less certain that I could continue to tell all of my friends with all of their varying interests that GW2 would appeal to them because it offered something for everyone, and improved where other MMOs fell short.

There's a lot of room left for Anet to slip, and leaving out walking seemed like a step in the wrong direction. I can't continue advertising when I have to approach my friends and tell them "well, I know WoW and every other game offered that it won't be in GW2. No that won't be there either...but it's minor...well yeah, that's out too". And I do have friends that WOULD skip the game for lack of simplistic features, because skeptics are very picky. At the time of posting, I'd already read that they were leaving out walking, mounts, and dueling at launch. There also won't be raids, party sizes larger than 5, or world pvp in the sense that people are used to. I guarantee you I've already named a number of deal breakers that the GW community has deemed minor and irrelevant.

Walking was just a very good sign that gave back some hope. Am I saying GW2 can't thrive on its own merits? No, only that it shouldn't skip on the little things just because they're little.

I had friends in WoW that literally did nothing but RP once they got to or close to the level cap, because they didn't care about dungeons, raids, or pvp at all - but being level 1 isn't cool. I'm sure they'd be content to stay in WoW for their roleplay if they were forced to sprint into every bar or small house they came across, as opposed to walking like the immersed player would feel is appropriate.

Now I know that's a big TL;DR, but hopefully there's not much left to refute regarding my statement that someone found important enough to make random annoyingly judgmental remarks about on multiple occasions.
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User Info: FaYt2021

6 years ago#17

Also, in an aspect that isn't RP related.

This games combat system is focused on dynamic situations and positioning, therefor, walking further enhances combat with more precise movement mechanics.

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