Well, NCSoft managed to fuel my desire right up again.

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  3. Well, NCSoft managed to fuel my desire right up again.

User Info: Lizardneck

5 years ago#11
Congrats! I have to admit, he sounded really suspicious to me in those first few posts, but it's great he came through. It'd be great if you could mention it in the post you made on Gaile's wiki page, too, so she knows she won't need to look into it.

but maybe I should invent one I've never used anywhere else before

Definitely. If your GW1 account previously had the same password as some other account that you have somewhere else, that might be how you got hacked. And you might want to check those other accounts to make sure you still have them, and change their passwords, too (but not to the same thing you change your GW1 password to.)

User Info: Dredj

5 years ago#12
I wonder if that dude can help me get my Aion account back.

I quit Aion, my account was hacked and account sold. I got my NCSoft account back then saw I was banned from Aion, I sent an email asking them to unban me as I was hacked and everything happened outside of my control, and that I am the original owner and have proof.

They refused saying there was evidence that the account was sold. I asked for the evidence but none was provided, and again asked them to unban me.

The last email I received from them said that I am harassing them and future emails would be ignored.

User Info: Amuseum

5 years ago#13
That raises a question: Do we have to have NCSoft account for GW2? my GW1 account is not tied to NCSoft. Wonder if we can do the same for GW2.
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User Info: AmethystEnd

5 years ago#14
DAMN. While the main customer support/service of NCSoft sounds absolutely terrible, that Will Leverett guy is a huge badass. I shall be writing his name down for my personal records in case I have any issues in GW2.
The Distant Blue

User Info: MakeHate

5 years ago#15
poor guy is going to get blown up with emails every time someone has the smallest problem with their account now.
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User Info: Master1Chef

5 years ago#16
Don't bother the guy, always go through normal channels...or you risk pissing him off, which could accomplish the opposite of what you want. I would say 99% of the time issues can be resolved normally.

As far as the issue the previous poster had with Aion, that is a harder sell, because of the ban. Not sure he would be able to do anything about that.
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User Info: MBO-Sephy

5 years ago#17
Whaddya know, eh Maxx?
You got a nice break of luck there. Good to see you got your acc back.
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  3. Well, NCSoft managed to fuel my desire right up again.

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