GW2 Account Login Problem

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User Info: II3eas7

5 years ago#1

Does anyone know if it's possible to change your login info so you don't have to login with your GW1 credentials?  I remember that on the beta signup form it asked for an email to contact you through; this email could be different than the one your GW1 account is linked to.

My GW1 account login uses an email I no longer use.  ANet has told me it's impossible to change it now but I'm really hoping it doesn't automatically apply to my GW2 account as well..  I'm sure I can't be the only one in this situation.

User Info: MikeHawkfOu

5 years ago#2
I have the exact same problem. I didn't think they would make me use the old login information. I wouldn't have linked my account if I knew. I'm just going to wait awhile (they got other things to take care of) and contact the support to change my login email.

User Info: SolaceIX

5 years ago#3
You're not the only one... I was using an account from high school when I started playing.


How can I change my account name or email address?

While we intend to have a feature that will allow you to change your Guild Wars account name or your Guild Wars 2 email address, it is not currently available. This will not affect your ability to link the two accounts if you are Pre-Purchasing Guild Wars 2.

Note: When you register your Guild Wars 2 account, you will be asked for a current email address.
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User Info: koroko_korobase

5 years ago#4
Dude I'm actively using an email address that I've had since like 1998 or something. It's linked to that, so I have no problems.

That ^ guy pretty much said what I was going to say though. It's a little unfortunate but it's so that people don't complicate things for themselves and ANet.
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