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User Info: Cybax

5 years ago#1
It seems I can't remember a password for any length of time if I don't use it.
And seeing as I haven't used my GW2 one... you get the point.
Anyone else have trouble resetting their password or logging in?

User Info: mouse_b

5 years ago#2

ive a simular (or maybe the same) problem, i too couldnt remember it so when i tried to reset it i get
"Failed, Try again" but im wondering if its saying my email is wrong but i got my beta invite this morning
with the email that im typing in.. maybe this is Anets new "stress test"

User Info: Cybax

5 years ago#3
It's causing me stress, so that "stress test" seems to be working :S

User Info: Infyra

5 years ago#4
I kept trying, and in the end I got a message saying it was resetted succesfully. But even after that I could not log in with the new password.

You can still install the game though using this link from the beta forums:

Since most of you don't seem able to log in, here is some info on the Beta forum. Maybe you can install the game using the links like this.
Beta forums wrote:
If you’re having technical issues, please visit

The Guild Wars 2 Client
Follow the instructions below to download the client. Once you’ve obtained the client, we recommend that you allow it to update overnight, as there will still be a large number of files that will need to be downloaded before you can play the game. Make sure that you have at least 15 GB of space available on your PC’s hard drive.
German or French versions of the download instructions are available here:
Download-Anweisungen: Deutsch
Instructions de téléchargement en français

Download Instructions
In order to participate in the beta, you will need to download and fully update the game client, as detailed in the steps below. We recommend that you begin downloading the client as soon as possible so you are ready for the upcoming event beginning this Friday at noon PDT (GMT -7).

During this beta there is no installer, so use these directions to manually download and copy Guild Wars 2 to a folder on your hard drive.
Download the Guild Wars 2 executable file. If prompted, be sure to click “Save” or "Save As,” not “Run”.
Copy the executable file from the location where you downloaded it, typically your Downloads folder, to the folder on your computer where you wish to install the game. The folder where you place the executable file is the folder the game will use to download and store its data. Note: If you use Windows Vista or Windows 7, it is recommended that you install the game in a location other than the Program Files folder. Alternatively, you should run the game as an administrator.
Run the executable file from its final location.
Allow the game to patch the necessary data from our file servers.

Be sure to keep your client updated throughout the week by starting up the game and allowing it to patch. This will ensure that you have a minimal number of files to download when you begin playing this weekend.

If you want to run the client overnight, you can create a shortcut and have it run with the command-line argument of “-image,” which will tell the game to shut down once it has patched to the latest version. You can do this by right-clicking the shortcut, choosing “Properties,” and adding “-image” (without the quotes) to the end of the “Target” field.

Although for me the installer will not go past "Checking for Updates" since some kind of firewall seems to block the access that the launcher has, most likely the uninstallable AVG.
Milimi, Exiles of Fate - Zenedar (EU)

User Info: Anodyne11

5 years ago#5
It won't even let me login even though I know my password -_-
And yes it won't let me change it either.
Valkyria Chronicles is the best RPG this gen!
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User Info: TakingBackAndy

5 years ago#6
Did you link your account to your Guild Wars account?

That seems to be the problem - try using the other email and password.

I thought it would be using the newer email I put in, but apparently it links it to the older one... Little annoying.

"If you linked your Guild Wars 2 account to an existing Guild Wars account, then you'll be able to play in the Beta Weekend Events using your existing Guild Wars account name and password. The updated email address we asked for during registration is just for sending you news and updates, all of which will be posted on

Please Note: We are not able to unlink the Guild Wars account you linked during registration. However, we will provide the ability to change the email / username of your original Guild Wars account at a later date."
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User Info: Infyra

5 years ago#7
That would suck, I had to rebuy GW1 because my password wasn't working anymore and the support team couldnt help me unless I remembered the name of a char on my account (I couldnt after 5 years).
I rebought GW and linked it to a new gmail account I made especially for that.
For GW2 I still used my usual account, so that could mean I will be locked out of my GW2 account from the start?
Milimi, Exiles of Fate - Zenedar (EU)

User Info: Anodyne11

5 years ago#8
@TakingBackAndy Thanks a lot, that helped!
And I'm looking forward to FINALLY being able to change the email on my original account since the provider I had for it doesn't exist anymore.

Got logged on now, thanks again :)
Valkyria Chronicles is the best RPG this gen!
Official Ultimecia of the Dissidia 012: Duodecim boards

User Info: Jackofshadows55

5 years ago#9
If you linked your gw1 account you use that earlier servers were busy so try again later if your already using right info

User Info: Infyra

5 years ago#10
So managed to download the whole thing, but it is as I feared: I cannot log on ingame either.
I hope support will actually support this time and not tell me to buy another copy of GW2 and register it to a different email.
Milimi, Exiles of Fate - Zenedar (EU)
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