which class is the best to solo with

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User Info: halokillerz

5 years ago#1

out of these classes, which would be the best to use solo

warrior, guadian, engineer?

thx in advance

User Info: zach12_2

5 years ago#2
You can solo with any class effectively. (Or so we've been told.) However, I'd choose engineer. I solo elementalist right now with no problems.
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User Info: Tartarusauce

5 years ago#3
I've only tried mesmer, thief, engineer, and guardian. I can say that guardians was the easiest and best class to solo with.
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User Info: NicoTheBrave

5 years ago#4
If you're ok with kiting, a staff mesmer is... my god. I was soloing +2 elite-type mobs for skill point challenges. Condition spam feels really broken. I originally started out with a real heavy illusion clone/phantasm build, but while trying to level up all of my weapon skills for later I fell in love with the staff.

And Chaos Storm. Oh Chaos Storm, how I love thee. <3

So yeah, now I'm attempting a build that revolves around "Hey, how much can I horribly cripple the person I'm fighting? Let's find out!" As long as you keep an eye out and make sure enemies don't get the drop on you unexpectedly (a good rule for any class really), it's pretty nasty!

User Info: Avison

5 years ago#5
Warrior is easy to play hard to master. Your armor and health make you hard to down.

Engineer can kite while turrets hit things and get its when the servers are so cramped you can't find anything to shoot.
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