Funnest Class You've Played

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User Info: MissCarriage

5 years ago#1
Which class is the most fun for you? I planned on "maining" Rangers and Mesmers, but they didn't really fit me (the constant illusion summoning and the pet always dying are really annoying haha). I started a Guardian and they are just so fun. Definitely my style. :D
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User Info: jer_1

5 years ago#2
I had the most fun with the Mesmer class personally. Warrior was also a lot of fun, especially once you get a hold of a good 2h sword.

User Info: alons1293

5 years ago#3
Tried Elemetalist, Ranger, Guardian, Necromancer, Thief. Liked all of them, but I will main Guardian. Absolutely loved them!
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User Info: joeytheleo

5 years ago#4

I tried all classes except for elementalist and this is how i would rank them










I know a lot of people loved the guardian but personally i really just wasn't feeling it. The mesmer was extremley fun to play as once you got the hang of manipulating illusions and the warrior was also a lot more fun than i expected

User Info: Taijouroukun

5 years ago#5
mostly played mesmer and ele. tried thief and warrior very little (just the tutorial plus a little bit). very happy with ele. mesmer was very disappointing. maybe i haven't learn how to play the game yet when playing mesmer, and i'm expecting too much because of mesmer in gw1. will give it a chance after launch though.

1) ele
2) thief
3) warrior
4) mesmer
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