Norn or Human Warrior?

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User Info: LtRickGrey

5 years ago#11
Norn. Go norn or go home. Why norn? Why even ask that?

User Info: davek1979

5 years ago#12

No no no, you got it all wrong mate, Charr Engineer is the way to go. :-)))

User Info: Simmo8591

5 years ago#13
The Norn warrior looks like an absolute tank, if you pick the bulkiest (but not fat) build (which i believe is top right) he looks like a mountain. I'm not adverse to the whole Cloud Strife, skinny arms and ridiculous sword look but he looks like he would do some serious damage with a Hammer or Greatsword. defiantly swayed my choice of warrior to him.
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User Info: Syco Clown

Syco Clown
5 years ago#14
Asuran Warrior all the way!
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User Info: DrgnZomb

5 years ago#15
Why leave out the Charr? They are all about war and are quite fierce, but I do agree on Asura Warrior!

User Info: GeneStarwind

5 years ago#16
Asura thief ftw
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User Info: YouriKilla

5 years ago#17
They say size doesn't matter... But they lie.

Sorry bros.

I'ma roll a Sylvari though.

User Info: Unit3d

5 years ago#18
Syco Clown posted...
Asuran Warrior all the way!

Yeah, I really do wonder about Asuran Warriors / Guardians XD

User Info: Annuvyn

5 years ago#19

Taking into account:

- Character Models in relation to gear

Norn are very impressive for the Warrior/Guardian.

- Animations

Human animations seem smoother.

- Personal stories

Depends on which. Human with Noble background is top, very amusing
and full of action.

Norn are nice if you want to get into their mythos, I prefer Wolf to the others.

- Gameplay advantages/disadvantages (larger target, etc).

It is easier to make a Human more neutral and therefore not stand out so much
in PvP. Go for the Blonde Adonis type Norn and you are gonna stand out
no matter WHERE you are in the game.

- Race setting

The Norn one is beautifully laid out in the early areas but the town is a bit bland and predictable.

The Human setting is simply classic fantasy stuff.

I prefer both to the Charr setting though.

Remember that the Human stories are all about social intrigue and standing as well as the general story backdrop. The Norn stories need you to buy into the mythos of the spirits and such.

Up to you. I place them equally although Human is my preferred for my chosen main profession. If I make a Warrior at some point then I will go Norn on that maybe.
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User Info: GeneStarwind

5 years ago#20
Female norns remind me of the huge warrior/royal guard woman in game of thrones
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