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User Info: The_Madd_Hatter

5 years ago#41
Cyborg R.A.T. 7

that is all
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User Info: thefinal7

5 years ago#42
Mine broke (Naga Molten) after 3 months, the whole inside just broke of giving a large rattling thing inside the mouse which made it work like crap.

How the hell did you do that?? Jeez. lol

My regular Naga has been nothing but faithful to me for the past 7 months, and I would never get anything else.
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User Info: MBO-Sephy

5 years ago#43
I'm using a random 5-button mouse by Satellite. Never even heard of this company before.

It has a "change DPI" button that is pretty much the same as pressing both the left and right mouse buttons together for 1 second.

So, for example, in shooters where I have to hold the right mouse button to aim, and I happen to go trigger-happy with the left button, I'll screw up my sensitivity.

User Info: Amuseum

5 years ago#44
useing mx revolution for years. bit heavy, might find lighter mouse since mouselook adn holding it is virtually mandatory in gw2.
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User Info: Fossil

5 years ago#45
brookhaven_hell posted...
1 tip: Stay the hell away from razer. People here go all hallelujah on that brand, but everyone I know that had one, had it break within 6 months. (mostly naga's and an anansi? the cheaper mouse)

Mine broke (Naga Molten) after 3 months, the whole inside just broke of giving a large rattling thing inside the mouse which made it work like crap.

Logitech G9X ftw

With all the praise for Razer from actual owners, I'd be more inclined to listen to them than one person barking about his mouse crapping out on him. So you had a bad apple, waaaaah. And yes I'm well aware of Razer's mouse problems. My Mamba laser crapped out on me and is currently out for RMA and I'm getting it replaced for basically the cost I shipped it. So I'm not complaining one bit considering they have been very responsive and even set the RMA up and ready to go for me immediately after the troubleshooting methods failed.

Every company has its issues and quirks. But overall have loved my Mamba and would definitely buy another Razer mouse. I'm actually considering a Deathadder as a laptop gaming mouse to carry around as this Logitech m305 is slightly annoying being so damn small and the lack of extra buttons = BLARGH

User Info: Apolladan

5 years ago#46
Zowie EC2 eVo

User Info: IrrelevantAlex

5 years ago#47
After only ever having a default HP mouse that is now spasing out and getting a bunch of amazon credit, I'll soon get a Naga or heavily leaning towards one. But now they have a 2012 version which just looks like the only thing different from the normal version is the color, green from blue
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User Info: Silent-N-Deadly

5 years ago#48
Razer Naga is the BEST
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User Info: TruePowerSeeker

5 years ago#49
Official Insane Swordsman of PotD

User Info: Silent-N-Deadly

5 years ago#50
PSN: Silent-N-Deadly

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