So should I cancel my pre-purchase?

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User Info: MW3_Fan

5 years ago#1
I heard good things about arenaNET and how they practice business but then..

"Pre-Purchase offers exclusive benefits"

and then pre order from and other places and you get those exclusive benefits"

and now the dye change..

Its kinda hard to want to trust them now.. especially about the no pay to win items they said would not be in a game cause i cant believe them anymore.. not since they went against things.. not once but twice now.. i dont wanna be playing a game where i have spend more than i would with a monthly sub just to be in the same ball park as another player..

im really thinking of cancelling my prepurchase and wait a good solid 6 months after release to see how this pans out..

User Info: Xeeh_Bitz

5 years ago#2
Why would you do that? It's only silly things like a ring, beta access and a 3 day headstart or the ability to dye your character or sell them.

It's only bad if it's major problems, not minor things! It's ok for a company to constantly change their mind after making annoucements!

User Info: Lunacy182

5 years ago#3
Go for it. I'll be playing this game and having fun so I don't mind what you do.
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User Info: DraconisRex

5 years ago#4
Whatever. Nobody cares. If you're going to be this butt-hurt over a small change for a vanity item in a cash shop YOU WILL NEVER BE HAPPY. You may as well quit now and save yourself the pain and suffering of the GREAT DYE CONSPIRACY.
It's not 2004, stop making excuses...

User Info: zach12_2

5 years ago#5
I'm waiting to see if they make the amazon situation equitable. If they don't, then I'll probably bail.
The arguing that occurs on the internet is simply the natural state of humanity in a world where stupid people and clever people are allowed to communicate.

User Info: adgato

5 years ago#6
I wouldn't . However, I got my access through Amazon. If I fully pre-paid I might have a different opinion. I am definately taking a wait-and -see attitude. The thing is, I have been looking forward to GW2 for a long time. There are signs of shiftyness, but it will take a bit more for me not to play.

User Info: Nofoundation

5 years ago#7
I had two friends cancel prepurchase and still get into the last beta so there's probably very little reason not to cancel if you're unsure.

You probably still get all the betas, and if you like the way the game looks closer to launch, just pay then. It's not like they won't take your money later, and you lose nothing.
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User Info: Raumos

5 years ago#8
You should cancel your prepurchase and then preorder the game from Amazon. That way you don't lose anything major, but are able to cancel your preorder later on with a lot more ease if you decide to go that route. Or just wait to buy it later on. MMOs are sometimes better a month after or so any way since you don't have to deal with launch bugs and can also pick the best server later on.

User Info: Mechachu

5 years ago#9
If Gamestop will let me, I am canceling my Collectors editing prepurchase and just getting the regular. The prepurchase thing, the dye thing, and Crystin Cocks spark this decision.

User Info: asdam_teabag

5 years ago#10
I don't care about trusting a gaming company tbh. Im not going to take a hissy fit if they change their mind over something. Im happy to spend the money on the game. I played the BWE and loved it. Thats it.
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