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    (I actually don't have experience with the Mystic Forge due to it not being there in my initial beta weekend. Instead of trying to cover it, I'll be posting a segment from another guide. All thanks go to omlech, whose guide is helping me tremendously with sections I have trouble with)

    The Mystic Forge is a unique crafting station that anyone can use regardless if they have any actual crafting disciplines or not. What this allows you to do is take say 4 white rarity items that you’d normally salvage and put them into the forge for a random result. You have to put in say 4 weapons or 4 pants and so on. Once the forge is done, it might give you back a white item for your level, or even a blue rarity item, say you put 4 blues in there it could spit out a blue for your level or even a green and so on. There are recipes that you can learn or you can discover recipes through experimentation. This doesn’t just stop at armor and weapons though. You can take these items called say Red Petals or Blue Petals or whatever color petal you want, combine that with some duplicate dyes you have and it will spit out a dye based on the color petal you used. But wait, there’s more! This also works on mini-pets too, so if you have duplicate mini-pets you might get a new common mini, or it might even spit out an uncommon, 4 uncommons could even get you a rare minipet too. Oh, but we’re not done yet. You can even get items to upgrade siege weapons, create Legendary items, there’s Philosopher’s Stones that can turn one material into another, Crystals that likely increase the chance to get a better item rarity too.


    As said above, there are five races and eight professions available at launch. Here I will be giving a brief explanation of each race and profession, as well as posting links to their corresponding page on the official site. I will note that the professions are NOT race exclusive. That means you can play any profession on any race that you want.


    The Humans have faced hard times. In the 250 years since the original Guild Wars, they've lost most of their territory to other races and natural distasters. The last great human city of Divinity's Reach lies in Northern Kryta and is governed by Queen Jennah. The humans of Divinity's Reach are facing outside threats on all sides from Bandits, Centaurs, and the elder dragons. More information on humans can be found here:

    The Charr are a race of felines originating from Ascalon. Cunning and fierce, most Charr reside in and around The Black Citadel, a home which was constructed over the ruins of Ascalon. Originally driven from Ascalon by the humans, the Charr spent centuries fighting to take their homeland back. Their success in doing so is bittersweet. They now face a seemingly endless army of ghosts from Ascalon's former inhabitants, aided (unintentionally) by the Flame Legion. More information on the Charr can be found here:

    The Norn are shapeshifters that revere the spirits of the wild (Bear, Raven, Snow Leopard, Wolf). The Norn take great pride in being warriors and thrive on their independence. While they once resided in the Far Shiverpeaks, they've since been forced to flee south by Jormag, the Elder Ice Dragon. In a remarkeably short time they've constructed the massive city of Hoelbrak, where they continue to live to this day. More information on the Norn can be found here: