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    The Asura are a short race of extremely intelligent subterranean beings driven to the surface by The Great Destroyer (Guild Wars: Eye of the North). Gifted with extroadinary intelligence, much modern technology seen throughout Tyria originated from the Asura. They posess a certain feeling of superiority over the other races, though the threat of the Elder Dragons troubles them as much as any others. The Asura currently reside in the advanced city of Rata Sum. More information can be found here:

    The newest race to set foot in the world of Tyria, Sylvari are young, plant-like humanoids born from The Pale Tree in the Maguuma Jungle. Though they've only roamed Tyria for 25 years, they all appreciate how serious the threat of the Elder Dragons is. Their young age instills the Sylvari with a strong curiosity of the world around them. More information on the Sylvari and The Pale Tree's history can be found here:


    The Warrior's are fierce melee combatants capable of wielding a wide variety of weapons. They have a high HP total and utilize Adrenaline. Warriors wear heavy armor and stand at the front lines of battle, though they're also extremely capable at mid-long range when wielding a bow or rifle. More information on the Warrior can be found here:

    Rangers are deadly ranged combatants. Often considered a 'jack of all trades' class, the Rangers can wield both melee and ranged weapons such as the greatsword and longbow and is well protected by medium armor. Each Ranger posesses a set of skills for a variety of different situations (traps, spirits, crippling attacks) and are currently the only class capable of using pets in battle. More information on the Ranger to be found here:

    A master of the elements. Elementalists excel in mid-long range encounters. The Elementalist wields the four attunements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) to great effect. Each attunement plays a different role in battle, from healing to defend to damage, making the Elementalist a well-rounded choice for any player. Elementalists wear light armor. More information can be found here:

    The Necromancer is a master of the dead. Much like the Elementalist they are heavily reliant on magic and can only wear light armors. However, their abilities to raise minions from the dead to fight for them in addition to their own unique damage over time spells/conditions make them a deadly competitor that is not to be underestimated. More information on the Necromancer can be found here:

    The spiritual brother (although not really) to the Warrior. They too wear heavy armor and can wield a variety of melee weapons. The Guardians dominate the field of battle with a wide plethora of boons and conditions at their command. They possess a lower health pool than warriors, but make up for it with their access to wards and symbols. They can also use spirit weapons to fight for them. More information can be seen here: