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User Info: strycubus

5 years ago#1
Every mmo has it now, I read up on how to do it here and the costs. Anyone know?
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User Info: HunterToren

5 years ago#2
Cost usually involves the exchange of currency between one living entity and another... you should probably speak to someone and give them all your cash...

User Info: Crimson_Spider

5 years ago#3
If you read up on how to do it and how much it costs, then there is nothing left to tell you.
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User Info: MPH_

5 years ago#4
Near as i can tell you can change your 6-0 key skills at any time provided you have unlocked them.

If you mean start the same character over as a new job as respec then you cant seem to do that. Your bank is shared between all accounts so you can just as easily just make a new character without the need to start a whole new one over again.
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