Elementalist, Guardian, or Ranger?

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User Info: Evray

5 years ago#1
Elementalist, Guardian, or Ranger? - Results (139 votes)
38.13% (53 votes)
32.37% (45 votes)
29.5% (41 votes)
This poll is now closed.
So I've been looking through the options and I STILL can't decide. I never got a chance to play the game and I've watched some videos and am still on the fence. I will most likely be playing a human regardless so.

I really like a combination of swords and magic, although I know the ranger and elementalist are not quite that they both seem pretty fun to me. I like mage classes but I'd prefer to find an in between from magic and melee preferably via sword.

Guardian seems like it's the best fit with ranger as the runner up, but I am also looking for input on how they actually play. I like being able to cast from a distance when I choose but also fight up close and use magic there as well if possible. Similar to a Death Knight or Paladin from WoW.
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User Info: Kaltrec

5 years ago#2
From your preferences, the Guardian seems to be the best option, it has a mix of spellcasting with the wand and focus and the staff (this one is mostly mid-close range) and melee skills with the other melee weapons
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User Info: TheMuseFanatic

5 years ago#3
Guardian does fairly accurately fit your description. Iirc, though, they only have two weapons (staff and scepter) that cast from a distance, and staff is just incredibly slow and awkward if you want to solo at any time.

Rangers are a better mix of ranged and melee. Axe mainhand, shortbow, and longbow are all ranged, but there is nothing really magical about any of them. However, you could go with a spirit build, which can be fun if you trait correctly. The spirits will follow you around and provide you with benefits such as applying burning to some of your attacks, giving you a chance to blind with your attacks, etc.

Elementalist is as magical as it gets. A staff elementalist can rain fireballs down onto a large area, spawn rejuvenatory springs for his/her allies, shatter the earth to apply stacks of bleeding, and trap enemies in electrical fields. You would be better suited to a dagger/dagger elementalist (melee magic, like a battle mage), but that's an idea of how you might play when you want to cast from range. Dagger/dagger has skills that can create a ring of fire around an enemy, protect you with a chilling armor, knock foes back while granting yourself a speed boost, and unleash crippling earthquakes.

But my humble suggestion would be to simply make one of each profession--they're all quite fun, really.
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