East coast, solo player, no guild...what server to choose?

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  3. East coast, solo player, no guild...what server to choose?

User Info: FantasticJames

5 years ago#1
Do I pick one with a cool sounding name...perhaps but perhaps not knowing it will be full of idiots who also think it has a cool name, so then what does that say about me...

Seriously what server?
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User Info: lonnieep

5 years ago#2
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User Info: SirGizmo

5 years ago#3
Come join us on Crystal Desert, you'll have tons of company.

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User Info: phoenix9107

5 years ago#4
theres designated oceania server european server but wheres east coast

User Info: Cool_new_name

5 years ago#5
Isn't every NA server on the east coast?

User Info: WellThoughtName

5 years ago#6
West coast, since that's where Anet HQ is.


5 years ago#7
I think ther servers are centralized in Texas somewhere, so it really wont matter. You can check GW2 guru to see which communities are going where. The individual guilds wont matter, since they wont impact the overall community on the server. What you need to look out for is servers becoming (for example) the unofficial Russian server etc. Not that I do not like Russians, I just do not speak their language.
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User Info: Tnykuuh

5 years ago#8
I always go with the name I like so for now its either Sea of Sorrow or Crystal Desert XD
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User Info: xxSkyShadowxx

5 years ago#9
FantasticJames posted...
Do I pick one with a cool sounding name...

That's actually what I did. :P

I picked Isle of Janthir...and in the beta tests the other players on the server were good people.

User Info: funkydude31

5 years ago#10
Well I'm on the east coast as well, only one other friend of mine will be getting the game as of right now so i guess I'm in the same boat.
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  3. East coast, solo player, no guild...what server to choose?

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