display name you selected in GW2 site = in game name?

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User Info: MarioKartDavid

4 years ago#1
you don't get to choose name when you make character?

User Info: ellis123

4 years ago#2
You choose your character's name per character when you create it. Why would you think otherwise?
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User Info: ImmortalKatan

4 years ago#3
You can name your characters at creation.

User Info: Unnoticed_Hero

4 years ago#4
Yeah, the display name is used when you want to add someone to your friend list.
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User Info: Cool_new_name

4 years ago#5
It's only an account name.

User Info: steker16

4 years ago#6
lets say your account/site name is "Dudebro" then you make a character named "MLGsinper"

when people look at guild/friends list they will see "MLGsniper (dudebro.1234), the numbers are random and everyone gets them added to their names. this way you only add the person once, then you'll see them online no matter the character they pick/make

User Info: adgato

4 years ago#7
From my experience, people running around /saying will use your character name, of course. But in our guild, especially if someone swaps alts often, it is easier to just address members by their account name.

User Info: xtacb

4 years ago#8
gah,,,,,,,,,,,,, if players can see my account name...me think me need to change it..lol...
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