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User Info: kamui22

5 years ago#1
Ok, over the past two days I have experienced some computer crashes. The first time it happened was during a charr story quest instance. Right near the end of the quest the screen went black and everything froze up and I had to force my computer off and turn it back on. It then happened again pretty much in the same area but the screen turned grey with verticle bars across the screen. It then did it again right when I was about to finish killing the last enemy of the instance. I then gave up for the night...

I had played late friday night when the game first went online for like 5 hrs straight with no problems and had no problems with any sort of crashing until this instance incident. Last night I got through the instance at a friends house with no problems and continued to play later on at my house again. Also, my friend said he doesn't believe my computer is crashing due to my specs being pretty good (I'll get to that in a bit) and that these types of games can have really obscure problems for every individual computer build.

Anyway, I played about 2 hours with good smooth performance doing stuff in the open world. I then was "fighting for my life" against a random mob and it did it again...

My gpu's temperature is staying in the 68-74 degree range when playing. Also, I play Tera fine without any overheating issues either and it is more graphically intense that gw2 is.

If I am overheating it would have to be my processor but I don't know if there is a way to track its temperature or not to see?

My specs are:

AMD Phenom II X4 965 Processor 3.40 GHz
Sapphire Radeon 7870

Anyone else experience any computer crashes that don't seem to come from overheating? Like I said before, my friend seems pretty sure I am not overheating but I can't help but think I somehow am. Even so, I know my specs are pretty good and if I am having overheating issues it could only maybe come from my processor being a bit outdated.

User Info: kamui22

5 years ago#2

User Info: kamui22

5 years ago#3
bump again

User Info: KirynTheCleric

5 years ago#4
This sounds EXACTLY like the issue I developed in BWE3 onwards until Saturday when I seemed to have fixed it.

I have a good computer (like yours, mine runes TERA just fine), but I turned the graphics settings down to around medium and turned v-sync on in game and set it to forced on in the computer options (wherever it was, I don't remember).

Haven't had any issues since.
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User Info: shinobi2zz

5 years ago#5
Not sure if we are having the same problem but I've been experiencing a "Black screen crash" everytime I finish creating a character as well as when I'm just playing normally in game... When I get the black screen, I can still see my mouse cursor and am able to move it around. I'm also able to pull up the options menu by pressing F11, but I cannot exit the game unless i press Alt/F4. I've been having this problem since the Head Start Launch.... As someone mentioned in my other thread, I might have a faulty Driver/Video card (NVIDIA GeForce GTX670 on beta driver 304.79) , but I can play the original Guild Wars at max settings with no problems whatsoever...

And sorry for not posting a solution as I do not know how to even solve mine ;p

At least you are not alone my friend :)
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User Info: kamui22

5 years ago#6
My problem isn't the same as yours shinobi because everything goes black and my whole computer freezes up to where I can only restart it; however, it seems to be similar to cleric's description.

So your saying that I pretty much have to play the game with everything at medium settings? If so that is quite terrible...

I will try and keep playing normally and if it happens again maybe I will try to lower my settings. I just hope arenanet gets word of this issue and fixes it so we don't have to play at lower settings just to not crash.
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