Best Class for Solo Play

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User Info: darkelfkiller

5 years ago#1
Looking for something where I won't die, and where I can actually kill something a level or two above me.

Playing an engie now but playing the 2 minute kite game with each mob a level above me that will 2 shot me is rather dull.
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User Info: LotionExplosion

5 years ago#2
Well at level 19 I'm killing things at level 26 as a Guardian.. I'm pretty sure there's better options though, Guardian is more of a team player.
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User Info: nflchamp

5 years ago#3
Guardian probably has the best survivability on its own. Lots of protection and blocking possible in addition to heavy armor. Has trouble dealing damage at times though.

User Info: BowtotheTWIG

5 years ago#4
My Staff Minion Necro is killing 3 mobs at once when they're 6 levels higher than me

And 9 at once when they're the same level

Once you hit 30 and get Flesh Golem... wheeee
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User Info: kynriv101

5 years ago#5
Dual axe Warrior with decent precision is like cheating. Watch them red numbers fly....

User Info: ffxblak12

5 years ago#6
how is elementalist?
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