what to do after level 80

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User Info: kaze21

5 years ago#1
So i am thinking what should i do after reaching the level cap and completing the story mode.

In Guild Wars 1 i just sit in Kamadan doing trading most of the time and displaying my miniature, after i have finished everything,

And there is like FOW and UW to do, to farm ectos in GW1.

But the problem with Guild Wars 2 is that it only has Trading Post, you cant trade with other players directly and interact with them.

So what your opinion on this?

User Info: A_Friendly_NPC

5 years ago#2
sPvP, WvW, Daily Achievements, Monthly Achievements, Dungeons (both story and exploration mode), map completion, Crafting, Dye collecting, Ranger pet collecting, Mystic Forge, earning skill points to buy mats for the Mystic Forge

User Info: Etharin

5 years ago#3
Just don't pick the story quest where they ask you to board the ark. It's bugged and I haven't been able to progress for several days because it still hasn't been fixed.

User Info: DutchDoc

5 years ago#4
Get a refund
om nom nom, i love me some cowpie:
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