WAAAAAAHHHHH!! The dungeons are too hard!!!

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User Info: Lady_Gweyn

5 years ago#11
Most of the casuals that people speak of will quit the game once they either hit 80 or get wrecked consistently in PvP, whichever happens first. The WoW crowd won't be a major influence on the game going forward, especially if GW2 ends up having challenging PvE areas. I agree that casuals ruin many facets of gaming, but I don't think that's the case here. Sure they'll cry and whine about certain instances being too hard, but I don't think they'll end up being the real problem.

It's the people who see themselves as hardcore elite all-pro players that will end up being the main cause of some instances being nerfed (if they are at all). These are the guys who think that they're almighty and can't be beat at the game, so when they wipe in a dungeon, it's obviously because the game is too hard and not because they just suck. These are the guys who will cry and moan until Anet either nerfs the dungeons or states that they won't.
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User Info: Slyster1181

5 years ago#12
Not hard.. Just not rewarding enough.

User Info: lionheart5656

5 years ago#13
Slyster1181 posted...
Not hard.. Just not rewarding enough.

And that is probably the main problem.
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User Info: xtacb

5 years ago#14
those "dungeons" in GW1 were all balanced for 8 players, which allows for better party variety and composition

and in GW1 you had much better skills, like actualy skills that made "tanks" invincible,

like rotating through 75% block/dodge stances, or 55 monk builds

also you had "Overpowered" skills in GW1, like echo SS, which would tear up any PVE mobs

heck you could actually 2man farm (monk + necro) one of those 8 player dungeons because of the power of the GW1 skills
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User Info: Akazora

5 years ago#15
AC is the first dungeon. Wouldn't it be more comparable to like, some Maguuma Jungle or Kryta missions comparatively, not Underworld?

User Info: HunterToren

5 years ago#16
I just want to be able to get into the dungeons... Does anyone know anything about how to get into them with a full party? is it all to do with overflow? Yesterday I managed to get into AC with 4/5 people by mapping to the citadel and back before entering but one person still couldn't enter and I dont wanna pay 1s or more each time to get in...I can't get into CM story mode either... I hope anet do something to fix this... what actually causes these problems?

User Info: WhiteSkull

5 years ago#17
all the need to do is add the option to set the dungeons to easy normal or hard and they can please everyone.

Course i see the elite group of whiners saying no easy mode cause they feel the content should be for them only lol.

Some people are just bad at games but still enjoy them, they paid the same as everyone else and devs should make the game for both sides.

Thats my two cents.

User Info: Dragonspawn1319

5 years ago#18
I concur with Icemage, story mode could use a light softening, at least in AC. I like a challenge and pretty much conquered all there was in gw1 but that dungeon is supposed to be a low level experience to get people acclimated with dungeons. In comparison, I found Caudicus Manor way easier than catacombs. Even if they did nerf ac story mode, there is still plenty of challenge, the later dungeons get much harder. AC is a cakewalk compared to Twilight Harbor.

User Info: deathscape10

5 years ago#19
I agree, Urgoz and such were soo much fun to return to at the end game with the guild mates. If anything, the experience should be improved because the "But I don't have a ranger that far into the game" excuse should no longer be there, as any class is viable.
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